VLOG #1 – “Over 40” Stay-at-Home-Mom

VLOG #1 – “Over 40” Stay-at-Home-Mom

Hi Everyone! Thought I’d try something different this week. Let me know what you think in the comments section.

Next video will highlight Melatonin, oral and topical 🙂

Equipment that I use:


Box Lights:


Random Info:
Happily Married
2 children (10yr old girl & 8yr old boy)
43 yrs old
Normal to dry skin
Live in South Texas

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Leese Vee says:

You are truly adorable, & a sweet mommy. I grew up with a stay at home mom and she always spoiled us too. Your kiddos will cherish those memories & appreciate it as I do with my sweet mom. By the way I LOVE your laugh!!! hugs

Ania's Kitchen says:

Really enjoyed it and going to watch #2 after i get my kids from school:) thanks for sharing ?

Lisa Spence says:

Awww you are a good mum

Animals, Nature, Beauty says:

Wow! Newly subscribed and been watching your videos lately and loving them. Just heard you say your son has autism. You're a super mom you know. My son has autism as well and yes it does change your life. The good, the bad, the highs and lows… I'll never love anyone like I love my son. God bless you beautiful lady.❤️

Lizzie Unger says:

can we be friends? 🙂 we have so much in common!!!!! love your channel 🙂 🙂

Lesley 61 says:

you made me smile. my children are very close to your age now and i too would warm their clothes and they got breakfast in bed every morning. my daughter in law often teases me but you know both my boys have turned out to be awseome people and great dad's. i did good as im sure you will too.

warsane1 says:

Most beautiful girl on the planet 🙂

AVI8TRIX1 says:

Seriously, can we please be best friends? lol you are too cute! Gonna start making some babies soon, I hope to be a great mama like you!!!

Jillianne Elston says:

You are a blessing to your Children… Hi kids!! My daughter's name is Aubrie too!! I NEED TO WORK OUT. YOU LOOK WONDERFUL. JAM OUT!

Spoil Me Spa Products says:

Love your cat!  Love the Vlog!  I'm a stay at home mom of 17 year old twins attending both high school & college…ughhhh 😉  Much disrespect from family for it, but I know they still need me to be here for them for at least another year.  Great job Mom!  Happy early Mother's Day! 🙂  Deanna

karen Leimer says:

Great blog..your children and pets are Adorable! 😉

fitmommie22 says:

I have a child with special needs Jen, thank you for sharing this, Yeah for your son!!!!.I have struggled with the balance of my family, my work and taking care of me. Very inspirational to see that you haven't stopped making yourself a priority , it is our sanity I think especially when dealing with being a parent with a child with special needs . I have met so many moms that just give up on themselves……this was very validating for me. And OMG laughed so hard about the spoiling kids with the clothes/dryer. Life is too short to not do those little things for your child;)

Emmaline Brix says:

I'm over 40 and a stay at home mom too it's weird for my friends who are my age and have grown kids ❤️

1OfdaKoldest says:

I loved your vlogs and im in south texas too! hey!

Cara Corson says:

Hi Jen …I agree with the comment below! You have the absolute perfect figure!!!

nicola harper says:

Kids breakfast in bed? Hahah

Pattyann says:

As an educator I respect your identification of yourself and your child any way you please. However, I encourage the child first language. Your baby is so much more than autistic. Of course you know this. He is a child first. He is a child with autism, not an autistic child, imho. What a great mom you are. I spoiled my children too and took pure joy in it.

Katie Husman says:

My brother is Autistic. Love this video! ?

Colt McLean says:

the hair flip was awesome! I honestly wish ud see urself and how great ur personality is,the way others see u! which is freaking fabulous, humble and selfless and beautiful!!…..i have a great idea!! how bout every time u say something negative or think something negative about urself, u put a coin….any coin in a piggy bank!! btw this is ur new subscriber Denise Keene, I'm using my BF's phone cuz mine died while watching ur videos lol…i didn't want u or ur husband or anyone else thinking some crazy guy named colt was saying all that stuff to You! btw I liked ur vlogs, it was nice seeing what a day for u is like!!

MsGalagramma says:

new to your channel. you are very natural l love it! have you ever thought about having a third kid? or you always were happy with two?

H. DeBeau says:

Alot of kids out grow mild autistic behavior with a caring home, and you have that.

Miss Anthrope says:

I love your channel Jenifer, I'm turning 26 soon and have used sunscreen daily since 2007 and moisturized religiously but I smoke, so I was looking for more aggressive anti aging skincare when I found your channel and now you're one of my favorite youtubers. You are so beautiful and humble and you're a good mother. Just wanted to give you some positive feedback because I enjoy all of your content so much, and I think what you're doing for other women is amazing. Hope you're having a good week!

Susan Mc Loughlin says:

new to your channel, great vlog, tfs.


Cute Video!

Iheart2cook says:

I loved this vlog style. Please do more. You're a wonderful role model for all mothers. TFS!!

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