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NoOne Reviews says:

get tai lopez on lol


… wasn't that quote from wayne gretsky? I don't even follow hockey but it's a really famous quote. there is also a famous michael jordan quote: "i missed x amount of shots, i lost x amount of games, x amoutn of times i was trusted to make the game winning shot and i missed. and that is why i succeed" (paraphrasing)

Brandon Carby says:

In my future videos and career, I will definitely owe a video to you and the advice you've given to me.

Brandon Carby says:

Great video Brandon

Angel Salvador says:

Alpha M heck yea he's cool

Matt Porter says:

yo whaddup whaddup bbc, i slacked off on my goals in the later part of 2016, i fucked up. but im back and im hustling. im an og subscriber man always got love for you

grab the sky says:

2017 your challenge is to avoid saying the F word in your videos. If you do it I'll give you one of my houses

snix89yt says:

Can't wait to meet You Bro! I'm in the ?? states Marine Corps Bro! And can't wait To Meet You Man!

snix89yt says:

My Nigga Brandon Carter! You High ass Fuck My Nigg! Haha! Ay, "Excuses Are For Bitches Bro"!! Haha!

CJ says:

Am I the only one that think he resembles the guy from Kinobody.

VideoSensei says:

Where is the best place to find courses and conferences?

Body Health Fitness says:

Awesome thanks

Icarus Athletics says:

I know this first hand, i stopped going to college to pursue my business and i tore my acl almost lost everything and had to restart. At first the idea and the dream is awesome but this has taught me that everything is easier said then done and you really need to believe in yourself, i made a video on belief as well.

Peter Koski says:

Very nice video! Got yourself a subscriber! BBC how to decide between being an actual entrepreneur or artist? Those are the two choices I have, but I also want to be able to make money and that is what concerns me. If I'm going all in being an artist, I fear being a poor ass motherfucker…

Robert Estevez says:

For Kickstarter i have ideas for products but do i have to have my idea's patented before i post on there?

SaltyTwiix says:

Thank you, this is just the push I needed to take the next step.

sophisticated Swanson says:

I love the mission.because his clothes are for people like me. But It's too expensive. Why don't clothing companies such as these and Paul Morton realize most Americans can't afford expensive clothes. Whoever can make a cheaper version will when big. Why u think Amazon is so popular?Same product at the cheapest price and Amazon prime. thetrim does though have a 3 for $99 option.

Mark Suckmybird says:

i wanna be like steve gates

ddk says:

Mike is kinobodies real dad

Hamza24434 says:

Greg has really aged Brandon !

Mr Mankraft says:

Press ckak Nakahati

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