What a stay at home mama sick day looks like. The day don’t stop, the job keeps going!

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Anita Ford says:

Y'all had me in tears saying goodnight. Then I saw the preview of you pulling the wig off. Lol.

Brenda Anderson says:

Hey, I would love to see a video about your experience with breastfeeding. I just recently had baby #2 and it has been challenging. Watching other mothers really encourages me!

Day2Day Davis says:

Awww your son is too cute helping you with laundry! He's a great helper ?
-Davis Family

Brittany Jones says:


Sheesh says:

Al talking to his daddy was the sweetest thing ever ?

Linda Wynn says:

I love to watching ur vlogs

Breezy Price says:

Whoa what happened, you just got a good deal with best buy

Jessica S says:

Really enjoy watching your vlogs/vids. CTFU at the snatched wig at the end. ??? can't wait to see tmrws video.

Tommesha Roberson says:

Awww that was so sweet❤️had me all in my feelings ??‍♀️superwoman??❤️lawddd not the whole wig at the end ????

Nesha Britwood says:

Aw, Alex talking to his dad was so cute. lol

TP Anderson says:

Al helping Mommy w/ laundry and swinging his brother! Girl…..u better hope he doesn't pick him up one day & try to put him in there! Kids do things like that! ?

Estella Sherman says:

I snatches my wig off quickly as well…Lord, Best Buy must have pissed you off. That was a "I'm fed up" wig snatch???

The Good,The Bad, The life of Brittany says:

Hey y’all….! Awwwww❤️❤️❤️!!! I hope y’all feel better.

Kahadija George says:

You are a wonderful mom Titi… Watching you mad me tear up cause you are inspirational and amazing.. Keep doin you boo.. Love from Trinidad and Tobago… <3 <3

Brea k3mommy says:

the day after I had my son in the hospital still watching your vloggs bcuz they helped me thru my whole pregnancy especially your pushing they told me I did a great job pushing lol I told them I watched your birth vlogg for motivation lol

Froncessca Curry says:

Omg lol all I saw was the wig come off and I'm dying over here cause that is me all the way lol

Tierra J TV says:

Heyyyy ya'll!! Thanks so much for watching! Next vlog will be aired TMRW @ 2p. Ya'll have to see how Best Buy SNATCHED MY DAMN WIG!!! ? Follow me on INSTAGRAM and SNAPCHAT where I be most of the time! @tierrajanthony 

Have a blessed Sunday! ?

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