What I Wish I Knew When Starting Affiliate Marketing Beginner Advice

What I Wish I Knew When Starting Affiliate Marketing Beginner Advice

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What I Wish I Knew When Starting Affiliate Marketing Beginner Advice

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This is an awesome video because i’m going to share to you some key points and tips in starting affiliate marketing.
The process is simple but getting what you want such as financial freedom then it will be difficult.

-Don’t Jump to advertising if you don’t know what you are doing.
Wait until you have budget for ads and know it more.
-Invest on learning it
-Double the effort on your business
-Take massive action

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Nathan Lucas


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Roger Greenwood says:

I think what are saying is so true, the one thing I realise with affiliate marketing is that the more links you have the more clicks you will get. It’s just like casting a bigger net, but that said your links have to be good also and not just like click here to buy this!

I have been using Amazon and clickbank for a while with not much happening (the odd sale which sometimes seems impossible to get), but I know if I double/treble down I will get more results.

dhrumit kabariya says:

Which is the best company for affiliate marketing

Gustavo leon says:

its not easy that's for sure, but the potential of actually making the big bucks is definitely the thing that keeps you going.

Grace Gitau says:

Thank you!!!!!!!

Nicolo Marimat says:

Is it ok to pay 800 usd to be apart of an affiliate program

Dewald De Bruyn says:

Absolutely Agree. Avoid being all over the show and do not get hung up with FB. Youtube marketing very effective and review video affiliate promotion works. Thanks for your contribution and doable advice. Focus & Consistency

Fatman Dreaming says:

Hi Nathan,

I am Danish, and big fan of your videos. I am about a step away from signing up with your Recommended program. The reason I am hesitant is because I am from Pakistan and paypal account is not possible for me to create. So if commissions are paid only through paypal then this program is not for me, I do have a Global Payment facility through Fisrt Century Bank in US which is like wiring funds to local bank by US companies only not individuals.

The question is what exactly will I be selling after signing up.

And lastly, after paying for this program how much more do you think I will need to spend initially on marketing and PPC.

If you can answer my concerns I would be really grateful.

Muntan Aziz says:

what is the difference between affiliate marketing and goggle adword?

sanjay sharma says:

nice information bro…

Said Bakri says:

hi i have a link and i need to attract affiliate do you have a tip for me as you are professional thank you

The Mad Gamer says:

to create a account in affiliate marketing, it asks my phone number. Should I give a real or fake number. I am afraid that they will call me.

Rampal Baghel says:

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Actually I am Reseller of " Wooplr "
Right now it's work only in India.

Dear Influencer Nathan, I urge you, Please send my that online store link/web address to your every Indian subscribers and suggest them to visit once here.

Nathan I'll be obliged you forever.
Thankyou. 🙏 http://www.kamisa.wooplr.com

Djuana Okocha says:

I always wondered how & when to do.& run paid ads. You clarified all my questions. Good point double/triple down & focus on 1 thing at a time until I get the results I want. My biggest struggle is finding the one person I want to follow. I haven't found my niche yet.

Andrew M says:

Hey Nathan thanks for the informative video. I just started an amazon affiliate marketing website. So far I have 10 articles but I'm afraid probably I won't succeed in this. What's your take? How long can it take to make first sale

Winchell Mahoney says:

Thanks for the tough love!

Nii Nii says:

How do I get into the master class? I went onto the website but didn't find where I can join

akshat shah says:

How to post the adds in other countries

Tasty Cake says:

Great information in this video man

John Bragg says:

BIGGEST STRUGGLE: how do I market an affiliate product?
Your videos are great keep up the motivation.

Ethereal Enhancement says:

Great videos, The issue I have is building a large enough customer base to draw from. The "Build it and they will come" is not true. It all the many hours of setting up and getting everything in place (email, links ect) and then start building a customer base over days, weeks months that most internet marketers are not prepared for.

Darrel Peavey says:

I enjoy your videos but it sounds like you are contradicting a lot of what you are talking about. I think you need to explain that you do have to have a certain level of computer smarts and that not every training segment is going to be helpful or legit.
Like I said I enjoy your videos but in some you are creating more questions about this process and making it seem more difficult then you suggest it is. Try more white board and don't over-talk a segment, you can start to loose peoples intrest. Thanks


Is clickbank the best site to start ?

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