WHAT I WORE #3 | Thrifted Stay at Home Mom Style for Early Fall

WHAT I WORE #3 | Thrifted Stay at Home Mom Style for Early Fall

It’s another What I Wore video! Here is an outfit diary of sorts of my weekly outfits of the day as a stay at home mom. Most everything in my wardrobe is thrifted clothing so you can sort of see this as a thrift haul try on! Keep in mind I have a casual, comfortable style so this isn’t a glamorous fashion look book! It is a collaboration too so be sure to check out the other fall fashion lookbooks below. I hope you enjoy!

Shaylee & Baby: https://youtu.be/K-aMezCajBs
The Mommy Archives: https://youtu.be/Z0MmrBbpVoY

Whether it’s through mothering, personal style or home decor, I love to encourage others to explore their own creativity!
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Monica in the Middle says:

My favorite is the plaid shirt, but all the looks were pretty. Your new haircut is very cute, but also liked it longer.

1998ejk says:

I love Wednesday's shirt, great video

Cassandra Lefebvre says:

That plaid shirt is perfect for the fall that we have been having! Your hair looks great both before and after 🙂

Philip Gipson says:

You nailed this video down. ^^

Carolyn Hiscock says:

Love your new haircut ,but I loved your old as well ?

artistik1979 says:

Love your hair before and after the cut! You look fantastic! And I love this kind of video! Your style is very simple and I love it!

Carol Mancini says:

You have beautiful thick hair. I can't believe people would leave negative comments about it. Ugh! You're right, you don't have to give explanations. Stay positive and tfs your thrift finds and ideas.?

Taylor Elmore says:

I loved your hair before, but I do love it now too! It's been 2 years since I've had a haircut. ?

Donna Wall says:

Love your new haircut. .ignore foolish unnecessary remarks !!

M Parret says:

The new hair cut is adorable!! But I really want you to know that you were just as beautiful before you cut it. One of the reasons I subcribed to your channel was because of your confidence in who you are. It shines through your videos so brightly. I'm so sorry for the negative comments but thanks for sharing so we have the opportunity to give back some of the positivity you give to us.

Evangelina Silguero says:

Outfits and hair are super cute! Love watching your videos 🙂

Deborah Dobbs says:

Love your hair.

Bobbi Reid says:

Super cute! Love your hair!

Katie Bookser says:

I can't believe anyone would even comment on something like that, people just baffle me sometimes. I've always thought your hair looked so pretty, the color and style. Most days I just wake up and let my hair be what it is, even if I slept on it wet lol..I don't have time to perfectly style it every day to please anyone else. I wish people could just stop worrying so much about such unimportant things!

MaryLouise Lacasse says:

Erin, I am being so honest when I tell you I saw your hair first when I was referred to your channel. Your hair is so beautiful. Your hair reminds me of my mothers hair. She had the most beautiful brown and thick hair. Everybody complimented her on it. Same length as yours was. Please, please, please don't listen to people when they comment negatively on your "looks". Personality and heart outshine "looks" anytime of the day! You're great! Love from CT.

Mildred BC says:

Your hair looks beautiful! ?

Lenni Corser says:

Erin, your hair is beautiful. I envy the simplicity of your style and how you alway look so good! If you did more it would take away from your natural look!
For the life of me, I would NEVER understand people's desire to "inform" others about their looks.

Diane Taylor says:

I loved you hair before and love it now. Boohoo for nasty people.

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