What it’s like being a STAY AT HOME MOM

What it’s like being a STAY AT HOME MOM

Even though I do make some money in various ways, I am with my daughter 24/7 as a stay at home mom. It is the greatest privilege to be at home with her, but what does one do every single day all day long? Kati and I discuss what it’s like being a stay at home mom

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Marly L. says:

Loved this vid! I hope one day I can be a stay at home mom also.

Amber Rufener says:

Tell us how you two became friends!

Whitney Alexander says:

As someone who has spent a large part of her life getting educated for her job, and will continue working after I have children, I really appreciate your sentiments of just do what's right for your family. I think as women we need to support each other's family decisions because it truly isn't one size fits all. Thanks for the great video!

Jenna Johnson says:

You live in Washington??? I didn’t realize that! I live in Redmond, be my friend!

A Lorraine says:

I would advise taking up hobbies and busying yourself when your one baby is sleeping (just like Haleigh mentioned her other things going). I haven't ever been bored as a stay at home mother. Love being at home!

I have a kid in school and one at home and I feel like there isn't enough time in the day. It is such a hard transition at first.

MormonTruth Videos says:

the next comment I wanted to make had to do with the fact that it's natural that you might get a little bored or overwhelmed with the repetitive and sometimes a little monotonous nature of taking care of your youngest children shortly after birth.

I also noticed how you basically sad hey I'm not complaining it just gets a little challenging at times.

I don't think there's anything ungrateful wrong with you if you do have moments when you feel like you need a little break from the routine even if for just a few minutes.

I think that a lot of this occurs because of what I consider the lifestyle in the industrialized Society to be quite unnatural in that it often tends to separate families for long periods of time during the day when otherwise you might be tending a family garden and other family business Affairs in such a manner as to be able to take some turns in various tasks and have a little more variety in your actual activities during the day not to mention the fact that husband and wife can be together with their children and each other instead of separated all day working for various corporate Enterprises commuting Etc.

there are places in this world where time almost seems not to have advanced as quickly to those elements of society which tend to be most divisive and unnatural places where families run a family business and the front porch Maybe a market which is open much of the day but closed for a few hours during the afternoon where family members spell each other in various tasks and carry on Family Life along with business these seem to be better circumstances for all concerned a happier more fulfilling and family friendly as well as less stressful environment.

I also noticed the comments you made on education each of you my personal feeling is that educating oneself is much more fulfilling and customizable then trying to put a round peg in a square hole in the corporate design system of so-called education in order to get a piece of paper certifying to a corporate employer that you fit in to the criteria they are looking for in the system that is designed to serve them and not you

MormonTruth Videos says:

I hope that you do not mind me sharing some thoughts perhaps either or both of you will agree with some or none of my perspective , especially since I'm not of your gender, notwithstanding the fact that I got the Mother's Day calls that the missionaries are allowed once per year in addition to Christmas since there was a choice involved in that particular instance.

it's my observation that there have been a lot of what might be categorized as politically motivated attitudes voiced in various media over the years from what might be at least considered part of a feminist movement, that seems often times to devalue the activities and devotion of motherhood and what might be considered a traditional role of wife and mother.

I would say that Many religious people including LDS have you these things as an assault on the Family and it has been presented that way by the brethren.

the excommunication of Sonia Johnson who supported the Equal Rights Amendment would be an example of that kind of polarisation in the brother and basically making her wrong for standing up for what she felt were women's rights and according to LDS Doctrine effectively Cut Her Off from her family for all eternity for not falling in line with their authoritative declarations on what the role of women should be and taking a political position on the matter.

frankly it's rather apparent that for Millenia women have been devalued manipulated and abused through the patriarchy in control of many societies including religions.

the scriptures are replete with examples of this in both the Old and New Testament.

so although the Equal Rights Amendment in and of itself probably had some things in it which were not beneficial to women especially concerning the military.

the fight for women's rights for dignity and equal treatment in venues where that is appropriate has also given license or prepared an Avenue for some of the attitude which I started off mentioning and do not at all agree with having to do with putting down women who choose to prioritize family life and staying at home with her children rather than pursuing a career as if that was somehow greater and more important or full feeling than of being a mother.

you mentioned that you choose to be stay-at-home moms, but let's be clear the Brethren leading the LDS church have historically been very strong and opinionated in the matter to the point where choosing anything other than to be a stay-at-home mom was at least frowned upon heavily if not outright villainized.

I have heard plenty of rhetoric to try to smooth things over from the types of things you would have heard from Brigham Young Who Thought no more of his wives then purchasing another cow in his own words and the woman knowing her place which was certainly taught in the temple preparation classes in times past emphasizing what is taught in Ephesians chapter 5 including obedience to the husband which by the way was a very clear covenant made in the temple prior to 1990 when it lightened up a bit and became conditioned upon how your husband hearkened unto the Lord.

I personally resent that particular aspect of the feminist movement where women who are stay-at-home moms are somehow put down for not effectually rebelling against the male-dominated culture and going out into the corporate workplace and hiring out the care of their children if they are so inclined to even have any I think what you'd girls are doing is terrific keep up the good work this is getting a little lengthy so I'm going to share a couple more thoughts in a separate comment

Jeniffer Middleton says:

Loved this video.

emptybusseat says:

Great video!! There is this quote that resonated with me that I was reminded of from your video:
"Occasionally, weep deeply over the life you hoped would be. Grieve the losses. Then wash your face. Trust God. And embrace the life you have." – John Piper

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