Hey Friends! I have had a lot of request for WHAT’S IN MY CAR and HOW I WASH MY CAR, so this video is for you!! We always HAND WASH our cars. Its cheaper and you will do a better job than any machine would!! I want to thank Veckle for sponsoring this video and sending me an amazing umbrella. We go through umbrellas like skittles because of the winds here and so far this umbrella is holding strong!

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Krista Edwards says:

Hey Ashley, I love your videos please keep posting, but I had a question what percentage of tint do you have? thank you

johnsmith says:

Does armor all leather care gel make the leather smell like leather again?

Tyree Courtney says:

We have the same vehicle..I 💞 my Enclave! Mines is an "08" but it's paid for yay! The only con i would say had to be the placement of the 2nd row because there is not enough leg room because it won't maneuver much.. Don't mind me I'm binge watching random videos! 🤗💙 From Tennessee 💙

debora mitchell says:

I love a spotless vehicle, My Ram is 6 years old and looks like I just pulled out of the show room. Great job Ya'll, Tfs.

Sigrid Mines says:

Love this video! I have the same car❤️ Thank You for the tips❤️

Mangleaa44 The fox 44aa says:

I love your car, and it was so shiny when you were done. You guys did a great job!! Hugs to you Ashley!!❤️❤️

Crystal Gilmore says:

What type of car is that. Very beautiful. Looking for a vehicle. How do you like it.

Daniella Goracci at Home says:

Good job guys! And I love the umbrella by the way. 💋

For The Love Of Sorted says:

This is probably a stupid question – but let me just explain by saying that I'm in Australia – but – what sort of car is it?? I love the third row seating and haven't seen anything like that over here…… forgive me if you said and I missed it. xo Mel

Teresa Thompson says:

It has literally never occurred to me to wash my own car. But you’re right, it is much cheaper. My husband loves to go to the car wash when we are out of town, but I wonder if he down for trying this. We clean inside the car a lot, why not the inside?!

simonsienna says:

I keep a few gallon size plastic zip lock bags in my glove compartment in case someone gets car sick or is just sick. I also keep a few plastic grocery bags to put the sealed bag into for disposal.

Kimberly Danyell says:

You totally just sent me to Walmart for supplies and made me wash my own car. It took two hours, but it looks SO good!!

Jen N Jase Coker says:

You should check out "How Jen Does It" if you haven't! You two have so much in common.

Michele B says:

I’ve been watching you forever and had no idea you were in OK, I thought you were in TX. Well, I’m out in in a small town by Fort Sill, I drive into town everyday on the highway I gave up on trying to get the bugs off my front bumper lol, love your channel!

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