Why I Quit my Six Figure Job to become a Stay at Home Mom (SAHM)

Why I Quit my Six Figure Job to become a Stay at Home Mom (SAHM)

Hi guys! In this video I will tell you why I quit my 6-figure job to become a stay at home mom (SAHM).

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Anon Fan says:

This is such an honest and raw video T.T I like your outlook in life and the way you analyze the time we spend living. I'm over 30, single, no kids so trust me, your life seemed more productive than I do. Well, basically it's no use comparing 😉 But just want you to know, I'm happy you don't regret your decision. Be proud of being a stay-at-home mom. Not everyone has the courage or privilege to be able to do what you do. I grew up with my mom busy working in a bank, not that it made us feel distant with each other. I know she's working with us kids in mind, too. But watching your videos, it's like wow.. you make 'being a mom' awesome with all the things you do and that sacrifice you did for your kids.

I understand that every mom has her own methods to child rearing and to cope with the times. Nonetheless, know that you're making a huge difference on your kids' lives and the people they would touch in the future. I'm sure when they grow up, they'll be really grateful, pay this goodness you did for them forward, and they would look back and see how you've always been there for them the moment they came out of your womb.

Always remember you're one superwoman! I bet some of your peers look at your profile too and may have wished they enjoy family life like you. Wishing you and your fam true happiness <3

karen sexauer says:

Thanks so much for sharing about your life! I enjoy your videos so getting to know more about you is great. I live in a small town northwest of Seattle. It takes a floating bridge and/or a long drive and/or a ferry to get to major stores or medical specialists, which unfortunately I need right now. But I live a few miles in most directions to the water, and even when it's bad weather it is beautiful here. My pug and I will be waiting for your next posts!

Miss Gonzalez says:

I love your video. I’m 33 years old and just stopped working 5 months ago (put my career on hold). I am a mother of a 3 year old and I felt the same way. I was missing out on all of my sons milestones. I’m currently 3 months pregnant with our second son & I know in my heart I made the right decision to stay home. Thank you for Sharing your story.

Anna Smith says:

I really love you and your family~! I love your message and definitely agree with your thought process on becoming a stay at home mom for your girls!!!
Lol hi my name is Anna Smith and I am currently a 20 year old student at Northern Michigan University studying Zoology….I'm a introverted sassy clumsy person and love learning about other cultures…I grew up with exchange students so I have always loved and had interest in learning about other cultures….I am currently working on a study abroad program for Fall 2019 at Konkuk University in Seoul, South Korea so I really appreciate your videos on Japan and Korea…. before I go to Korea I'll be in Japan for two weeks visiting with one of my exchange students so your videos really help me figure out things I can do in both countries!!!
Again I really love and appreciate you sharing your family with us and definitely keep it up!! You guys put a smile on my face and I love seeing notifications from your channel~ (though I can't watch them until later cuz school kicks butt 😭👍)
Hope you have a wonderful day~!!! 😊

Athena Tozzo says:

Your videos are so heartwarming and make me want to travel to Japan and Korea too!! I'm 19 and from New York and pursuing business!!

OOups kitty says:

Hey!! I like your vids because they are informative. I want to see those places when I go S.Korea maybe next year. My team at the clinic will talk about vacation plans for next year in November. I'm from Germany, so I need at least 3weeks vacation if it's possible. When would you say is the best time to visit Korea & when not? I don't want to visit S.Korea during winter & rainy days. But I also want to avoid huge crowds (and yes, I understand that evenings are always crowded in e.g.Seoul) Do you think that there is a time with less tourists & more quiet days in Seoul? And this vid is actually motivating me to look different at life. I meet most times very negative people. They tell me why to avoid children & getting married. I'm glad I found you. I want to think more open minded & tell others about it. I just had no clue how. Thanks for that timeline & explanation. Now I clearly can choose what I really have in my heart. You are an amazing mom with a very supportive husband. God bless you!!!

Joy Smith says:

Thank you!!! I totally understand how you feel. I am a full time Obstetrician/Gynecologist and I have an almost 16 month old. I took 8 weeks off maternity leave however I was ready to go back at 6 weeks because I became “bored” and I feel like I had no goals. But I felt so much mom guilt going back. Thank God my mom who cared for my son at home for the first year but I still wanted to be there and make a lot of decisions for him…such as sleep schedule, feedings, etc etc but I couldn’t because I was at work full time. A few months ago I decided to become a hospitalist (working in the hospital only) which would provide more balance and time with my family. It was a tough decision because it sorts of limits my scope of practice but I have a strong pull to the home and when I wake up in the morning and go to work I am just thinking about how I can be done my work faster and get home sooner. I understand how you feel regarding colleagues and friends however I feel like I have spent most of my young adult life doing things like others and how I am expected to do things in regards to my career but I feel like now it’s time to live my life for me and my family. My job is a mom means so much more to me than my job as a doctor (even I spent years of training to become one). I take so much pride in being a mom and being there for my family.

Celia Postol says:

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. I was surprised to find out that you used to be a lawyer. I have always thought of you as an artist. You're obviously very talented in anything you do.

12 Volts says:

That retirement hits home. Neither of my parents made it to retire despite paying most of their lives for it.

Cyn Wilson says:

I love your channel. I'm from Southern California, 26 years old. I was adopted and have lived in California my whole life. I still love hello kitty and everything Disney. I even have a hello kitty bow tattoo.

GERARD Elodie says:

I completely agree with what you say : being a mum is much harder than working 😅 and I only have 1 kid yet

Emely Orellana says:

You put the life percentage into a great perspective. I’m currently 25 and in school, I’m probably going to have kids when I’m 30 which I feel like kinda late but I want to be stable and work on my career first. It was super interesting hearing about your life and I think it’s amazing when women with established and successful careers put that aside for their family. I think being a mom is one of the best things a woman can be. 🙂 thank you for sharing intimate memories and things about your life and family. Also, amazing that you were a lawyer in New York! That’s like the dream lol

B W says:

Hi Marie! I’m britta and I’m from Melbourne australia. I’m 29 and I have 2 beautiful kids aged 7 and 3. I’m currently in law school which let me let you is tough when you have young ones but it’s always been my dream to be a lawyer and because I had kids young, my timeline is a little different to yours. I spent 6 years at home with my eldest and 2 at home with my youngest and whilst it was challenging, it was so so worth it. I love watching your videos as we are coming to Seoul next year as a family so they give me inspiration on what to plan! 🙂

Rafoncel Freeman says:


Rich Kiko says:

I got teary-eyed watching this video. Thanks, Marie for sharing such a honest video. It made me feel more strong and feels right whatever I am doing for my daughters and myself.

Daniela S. C. Lourenço says:

Great video! Loving your channel!!!

1 Chef 2 Cuties says:

I watched this 5 times already and I continue to enjoy it… got my eyes teary..

Julia Kramer says:

I'm Julia, I'm 16 years old and I'm from Germany. I'm closely done with school because I'm in year 11 now and there are 12 years in total.

I really like that you want your kids to be towards the different people from different countries cause I have parents that are not as accepting towards others than I am. They judge cause of my interest for Asian countries like Japan and Korea.

My biggest dream for the future is to travel to Japan and Korea because I really wanna see all of the country's beauty trough my own eyes.🇯🇵🇰🇷💕

But I'm really thankful your making these awesome videos that really make my day. 💕And I really need videos like this cause I really struggle with myself a lot

Love Julia

Xhanavi Xx says:

I never leave comments on videos I watch but this is an amazing video. It is very real heartfelt and inspiring. Thank you

Nan - C says:

Such a great video. I enjoyed it very much. I love what you're teaching your daughters. That is very important and true. Thank you.

kawaiipanda5 says:

I loved this video so sweet! I'm 19 and I am in college training to become a school librarian. I am from Chungzhou China but I was adopted and have lived in the Midwest of America for most of my life – note that there are hardly any Asians in my area and no Asian cultural areas for hours of driving. However I love your videos because they give me a glimpse of what Asian culture is all about, I wish I could experience it for myself but your videos are an amazing substitute!

TheErickislost says:

Great video!!!

Sofía Monteverde says:

Hi mi Amelia and i am 10 years old Ilove al kawaii things

Melanie Procter says:

Hi Marie
You know I like hello kitty and I'm 53.
I have two children Charlotte and Edward, Charlie as she likes to be called now is living in Chiang mai as a English teacher, she went to college and university then travelled with her inheritance she got from the death of her father.
Their dad was a policeman and he took his own life after the girl he left me for cheated on him.
I found it very hard to pay Bill's ect as I wasn't getting much money from him. I just made shore the children got feed I did care about me they were more important.
Edward spent all his money on item's he wanted and took us on holiday. He still lives at home, Charlie will be 30 next year and Edward is 27 he works very hard and helps out with money. As I have been out of work for three year's. I fell very bad as my husband and son work very hard, and I just sit at home looking after dog.
I feel so inadequate and worthless as I can't work as I get tired and my arm's are bad I can't lift anything heavy. I have to take Edward shopping with me to carry the bags.
I suffer from deep depression and on lost of medication for pain and stress.
I would like to become a youtuber making videos of me dressed as hello kitty, but my son says it takes so long before you get paid about four year's.
Love you video's and watching the girls growing up.

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