Why I’m PAUSING Affiliate Marketing.

Why I’m PAUSING Affiliate Marketing.

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After 4 months of starting my new affiliate marketing project I’m having to put it on hold.

Why? Well tomorrow I move to a new town (Leeds) to start a new chapter of my life. I’m going to start studying for a masters degree in Entrepreneurship.

I need to free up my time for the first few weeks of the relocation purely to make sure everything goes smoothly. Once I have found my feet and got into a routine again I’ll be booting up my side hustles and documenting my progress through this channel.

Keep tuning in for more informative content over the next few weeks and the vlogs will be back up as soon as possible!

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Start Starting Up says:

Thanks for all the well wishing everyone.

I'm excited to start this new chapter of my life.

chad fraser says:

Now you're going to school and stepping backwards even more in time and debt! You were doing better on day one! 14 months wasted. 🙁

Bailey McAuley says:

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EgoShredder says:

Let's hope the old proverb, "those who can…. do, those who can not…. teach". Good luck! 😀

Jordan says:

Did not know it was a masters program, I thought you were going for an undergrad. Makes a little more sense to me now, lol. Best of luck!

FreeFromWar says:

I would spend the money to learn from experienced entrepreneurs instead of paying for a degree! Universities are way overrated

EWt5lg5alQWLqPViO9vk says:

what undergrad did you do?

Royston Gold says:

Good luck mate hope University go well for you.Take care..

Nicole Stevensen says:

Good luck with Starting your Masters Degree in Leeds, looks like a lovely place too. Should be exciting!

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