Work From Home Data Entry For Amazon

Work From Home Data Entry For Amazon

Work from home doing data entry for Amazon’s extended website

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Shorty5th says:

Thank you so much!! You dont understabd how this is exactly what i have been looking for and yoi got staight to the point. Thank you so much. Be blessed beautiful.. Thanks for this video.

Tierra Briggs says:

Hi is this still a site that you would recommend?

Sudara Pitagampala says:

how can i get this money?

Alla Bena says:

Merci , pour votre video |mais a-ce- on peux travail en arabe ou francais ou greek .

Reizle Enoy says:

I'm from Philippines can I try this

Maaz Sandole says:

Hi mam how r u hope u will fine. I am waiting for last 5 days account approval. U r account under review pls mam help me what can i do

Aki Cheng says:

How to apply ? can i just click the link ? Then after that ?

Aki Cheng says:

Can i apply for that ? I'm from philippines

J Prevatt says:

I tried MTurk a few years ago. All they gave me were the nickel & dime jobs all the time. I worked it a few months but could never advance past that beginner phase

wilhelmina sugarbaker says:

Thank you so much! I have been working so hard to find a job and I think God placed this video before me. Thank you so much Ms. Jones.

ZamH says:

is this international or limited to only specific countries?

Rama Krishna says: easy earnings by watching the ads click this link

a l says:

I do not intend to be insulting towards your video, but why are you showing people the absolute worst HITs out there? The HITs you are demonstrating are the ones that average 40 cents an hour that people do to get their numbers up. No experienced Turker does these, they are not worth the time, literally. I have been scanning the mturk youtube vids to see if there are any strategies or tips I haven't worked out yet but I haven't found any videos that appear to come from people who actually use the site. Your video is perfectly fine for showing people how to sign up, I just want to offer a suggestion of making it very clear the HITs you are doing are at the bottom of the barrel. No one who sticks with mTurk does these for long.

Latoshia Ceaser says:

I need more info please!

Lawrence Ric Briones says:

Earn Cash by just typing

Merceditha Atam says:

am intersted how?and i am from Philippines

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