Work from home nurse Job | RN Coder | Equipment unboxing

Work from home nurse Job | RN Coder | Equipment unboxing

Follow my new journey as a work from home RN medical coder.

The company I am working with provided the computer equipment and coding manuals.

Remote nurse job, virtual nurse job, Work from home. Telecommute nurse job.



Patricia Rossman says:

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A Mendie says:

Hi I'm interested in rn coding. Please send info about your company. I have no training in coding My email is

Kiley Mills says:

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boom guy cool says:

Hi there, I'm a RN CPC CCS myself!

Adrienne Koncur says:

Hi Simone, I'm very interested in this company. I have lots of nursing experience in many units like you. Could you email me more information on this specific company?


Tooty Edwards says:

I would like more information please. My email is

Jessica Holben says:

Hello Simone, I have just found your videos about your coding journey. I and a RN and looking for a change as well. I have been working in the hospital and public health setting. I was wondering if you could please email me the information of the coding company you are working for. Thanks for sharing. Hope you are enjoying it.

Heather Bradley says:

Could you send me info on this company?

KJA430 says:

Awesome Simone! Thank you for uploading this. Im watching your journey? I'm so interested in coding, can u please send me the company info?

pratheesha vineesh says:

I am a nurse from INDIA…Can u pls help me to get a job there.

Cynthia F says: Im a certified coder looking for a remote position, i would love the information on the company if you have time. Thanks!

Taryn Washington says:

Hello I would like to know if you can send me info the information on your home based medical coding training please email me the information at Thank You

Sandra Bowdre says:

I'm also interested in coding and working from home. If you would be so kind and give me advice on how to obtain training and recommendations on companies ( Best of luck in your new career.

Kathy Moore says:

trying to find this company- but no luck….. could you send me some info
my email is
Thanks so much!!

Giggra says:

Very cool. I am a second degree BSN RN. My first degree was in Business. I worked in Accounting for 10 years prior to going to nursing school. I would love to code on a part time basis.
If you have any advice please feel free to email me at

SL HAGER says:

Ah this is GREAT Simone! I LOVE success stories ! Im looking forward to seeing you progress.
I have earned certification from AACCA, but I have no real world experience in coding, so I cant seem to get a hit on and the like. I don't suppose your company is looking for another nurse to work remotely?

Thanks for your time, and I'm watching you!

Valerie Jefferson says:

Hi Simone, I was just wondering if the company your working for supplied training? If not can I ask what training program did you use and would you recommend it? Thanks

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