Working From Home

Working From Home


Valerie Segovia says:

YES! To everything you said. Exactly what I do.

Lola Jeng says:

Perfect timing! My recent job requires me to work from home once a week πŸ™‚ Love the tips Jodie!

Alys Holz says:

The clear to do list is vital for me being productive at home. It can be so easy to spend a lot longer on something than I would in the office (e.g. writing social content). I also use the candle trick, works a treat.

My biggest challenge is that I am used to having noise around me, having worked in offices my whole career. It can just be too quiet at home sometimes and I find that distracting. A friend put me onto an app called "coffitivity" which basically is just white noise like you are in a cafe or office. Makes me feel less alone so I can focus πŸ™‚

N B says:

Great and relatable video! Thank you.

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