Working from Home & Cars 3 | JulyVlog Day #13 & #14

Working from Home & Cars 3 | JulyVlog Day #13 & #14


Welcome to July Vlog day 13 &14. Today I show you what a day working from home looks like, we head to see Cars 3 and take on Ravin Rabbits on the Wii #Throwback!
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April Slocombe says:

I once had a job where some of it involved working from home and that was an Avon representative. I feel for you in terms of you being on your TOTM because I've recently been on for two weeks (I have PCOS, which makes my cycle irregular so I take the POP to help regulate it) and I've also had cramps and tears while I was on. I've only seen the first Cars film and although it's not my favourite Pixar film it had some funny moments plus jokes for adult viewers to enjoy.

Titustails says:

Ahh the dog vs no dog couple talk – I know who always wins in this house! LOL!!

Brooke And Nicole says:

"I'd take any dog to be honest" hahaha. Loved this vlog! Am exactly the same when it comes to animals, always a mess when I hear sad animal stories!

C Hin says:

God you hit the nail on the head there babe. Humans are not worthy of dogs. How right you are. In fact we are not worthy of any animal. Even a snail. Oh how our species is deteriorating. It's a shame. I adore my hamsters though haha and they are loved. You're a gorgeous girl Charlotte. One of my fave youtubers xxxxxx

C Hin says:

Gosh your flat looks massive. Lucky girl xx

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