💰Profitable Affiliate Marketing Sales Funnels – Build In 15 Minutes

💰Profitable Affiliate Marketing Sales Funnels – Build In 15 Minutes

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Profitable ⚙Sales Funnels for Affiliate Marketing ✅

Be sure to pause this video and take notes if I go too fast! In this video I show you exactly how to get an affiliate marketing sales funnel up and running in 15 minutes

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Treasures Networks says:

Thank You. This video answered my question.

Fredrick Tillman says:

Profit and loved it.

OrionGiza says:

Great Video Marisa – I watch you everyday. Does anyone if Builderall has live video Wallpaper like clickfunnels.

Yasmine mauve says:

Hey thanks for this, I just made a page but to check it I entered my email address and it led to a subscribe link and that's it! And when I checked my Gmail account I got no email from the same. I think after filling my email address on the page I should get a mail from the person confirming that I've subscribed? Please guide me where I went wrong??

Trevor Kong says:

Timing is great, this was one thing I put on my checklist that I want to learn. Thanks for sharing Marissa!

Kay-Kay Milliner says:


1) How could I use this funnel to generate sales to my Shopify store?
2) Do you mentor/sponsor people who want to be apart of your affiliate team for Builderall?

slybry says:

Thank you Marissa! Your training videos have been a great help for me. God bless you for being a great mentor. One question though…if I don't have a video of me for the thank you page what is a alternative that I can use?

Dispatch Express says:

Good job Marissa, would you recommend builderall better than kartra?

dany piche says:

oh wow marissa it seem you get prepare to a photoshoot i like your hair ,hehehe a model is in the place, and however the content is still always very present and direct to the point also, thanks for the knowledge,have a great day

Jose Rios says:

Profit…great video tutorial as usual. Learning a ton!

Tola Korede says:

Profit! I got your new video notification at appropriate time because i am reading about how to create sale funnel using clickfunnel and your video came up on my email. You are really helping and encouraging me for more ideas to do more on my online business and also to work more on my channel. Thanks Marissa.

Inspiring Minds says:

Nice video but I understand I have tons to learn because everything sounds foreign to me lol.

Nara Wangsa says:

Buiderall vs Kartra..for a beginner which one is the best?

James Scott says:

Great Marissa. Does builderall have quiz or question funnels. Where each answer will lead to another question? Have you ever done online marketing before yes/no and so on.

Affiliate Marketing Today Free says:

Excellent video like usually… You are the best Marisa you inspired me to create my own channel… When i will be showing people how to become a millionaire tomorrow first video… I will appreciate some support 😉

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