Abraham Hicks: Before Starting Your Own Business … Great Advice!!

Abraham Hicks: Before Starting Your Own Business … Great Advice!!

Thanks Esther and Jerry for linking us with Abraham! You can link directly to their website at www.abraham-hicks.com. EnJOY 🙂



Vincent Odhiambo says:

I am Loving and Appreciating the message,… Esther, Abraham Love you and I am Appreciating your messages and teachings

Mossy poo says:

Brilliant! Exactly what I needed to hear!

William Sullivan says:

Very well said. But how would you work vibrationally through the limitations that were exteriorly imposed?

Joyce Harvey says:

Thanks for the great tips. I plan to upload a video next Saturday, February 1, 2014 to give people that are considering  starting a Home Base business tips from my experience. I'm confident this information will help them avoid some of the pitfalls I made.

Linda Ferguson says:

Awesome! There were so many good quotes in there. What a great reminder- again- You have to change your own alignment in order to attract what you want to experience. If we think we're going to be happy when something 'out there' changes, we're still responding to what's 'out there' and not shifting our own vibrational energy towards how we want to feel. Needed to hear this one today. Thanks for posting.

Deb Shorter says:

Go For IT!!!

LovingLifeWithAbe says:

Perfect name 🙂

Elle Synchronicity says:

I love it so much, I say it to myself everyday and so do others (hence the name)

LovingLifeWithAbe says:

Don't you just looooooove synchronicity??!!

Elle Synchronicity says:

I really needed this and thank you. I am at this point in my life at this moment and to hear this, it really just shows me that I am in the right place.

excel04 says:

very good analogy Andrew. Thank you for sharing. Always makes me smile how on an Abe video you often find the nicest comments on Youtube!

excel04 says:

Utterly perfect! I'm pretty much in the same situation as the hotseat guest and it perfectly answered my question. Thank you for posting 🙂

LovingLifeWithAbe says:

Meeee toooooo 🙂

Aniretak94 says:

Excellent !! Thank you for posting. The timing is amazing as always. I so appreciate the clarity that Abraham and Ester bring to my life. The cocreation dance that we all participate in, is sooooo much fun. Love it. :))

LovingLifeWithAbe says:

The workshop was held in San Diego CA on 14.8.2012

leadalpha4 says:

Please note When & Where this seminar was held.

mikey franklin says:

I've been launching these rockets. This was very helpful. I find the idea of resonating with your feelings rather than making things happen is analogous to when I would go through town at 10 mph over the speed limit to compensate for time when I'm late and stop at every traffic light. Whereas the lights are set to the speed limit. "alignment" The tortoise and the hare. Thank you Abraham and Ester.

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