Affiliate Marketing: College Dropout To Earning $750 Per Hour (Odi Productions)

Affiliate Marketing: College Dropout To Earning $750 Per Hour (Odi Productions)

Check out Odi’s course: (affiliate link)
I rank Odi’s course a 5/10. It is a great entry-level course for beginners but likely wouldn’t satisfy an advance affiliate marketer. It is more of an open-ended course than a detail A-Z course.

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Rich Friends, Poor Friends free video series:

air port says:

Yikes. $997 for his course. Excellent interview as usual. Good information. But how many beginners have an extra grand on something that may or may not work for them?

Will Ernst says:

You guys need to stop thinking that affiliate marking is a scam. You are only hurting yourself. The only lie with all of these systems is how long they take. The reality is they can take 6 months to a year, but in the end I think it's so worth it.

twistedblktrekie says:

Affiliate marketing is legit. Nowadays, every major physical retailer (Walmart, Target, etc.) all have their own affiliate programs. When you're starting out, there is very much a learning curve, and if you're rely on the search engines — rather than using paid advertising — it can take longer to see results. However, the passive income part is nice. The only other thing you have to worry about is when the traffic for a particular product/service might die down after a couple years or so (or the product is no longer sold).

Chris Macdonald says:

Tom Vu 2018???

naysoo says:

Also Affiliate Mkt Companies dont always payout Commissions on time or at all a lot to many scammers who just exploit wood be new affiliate…

Meowy mcMeowface says:

i find it mind boggling how many "kids" waste time in college when they can be far more successful (and sometimes happy heh heh) so many other different ways. so many ppl go to college basically to make their parents happy. they figure it's a sure way to go up the social ladder, attain a good job that pays well and in this day in age that's far from the truth because you just end up in debt heh heh

Alt green dude says:

still pointless for other people to attempt

Class Act says:

Very nice ET. Though, a lot of the people you interview would probably succeed big anywhere they chose to go.


Super interesting! Rich Friends, Poor Friends series was great, too.

Soon H says:

wow.. another affiliate marketing scam.. havent we had enough?

Kevin Perez says:

I believe it. This video is so motivating. If you try and make money online like your life depends on it…. you’ll know this isn’t bullshit. I am determined to change my life like this. Keep up the good work engineered truth 😎

Shaik mohammed Abdullah says:

Guys this is 100% true

Otho Lesure says:

No scam, I believe him. Now that I’ve learned digital marketing using Seth’s course and this is not me plugging the course just being honest. I do believe other courses are probably great plus Seth’s course is just the tip of the iceberg. Marketing is huge! I’m sure @ODi_Productions is really good with digital marketing. I don’t think people realize how much strategy and creativity it takes to lure someone through your funnel. You have to build the skills in marketing, content creation and pick a niche within a popular product that sells itself due to high demand(example a bulletproof phone case, not common) .At the same time have your product in front of the customer when they’re ready to buy….Also If anyone needs help with digital marketing, I’m looking to build more experience and networks…great day!

Brandon Mewborn says:

Full of 💩 just like ThatLifestyleNinja

JJSmith Lago says:

Damn. The haters got in here fast!

A A says:

Now this is a scam

alex the GOAT says:

Dude this guy is clearly bullshiting you to your face. Pretty sure he trolled you the whole time…Total BS

Viglbakar says:

My ass 750 per hour

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