Affiliate Marketing On Pinterest

Affiliate Marketing On Pinterest

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S.Azhar Rahim says:

Love it thanks for share cool stuff with us.💖

Larry little says:

Useful,,, extract 4500 hot traffic for 1$, sales-sales

ZakysOnLine 15 says:

hey Erika excellent tutorial : ) !! a question, we must to create as many emails as pinterest account we want to have?

Lipstick And Fashion Land says:

Nice tutorial sis😍But what you think is that good idea to pin product picture directly from amazon,or I must create always long pins for every product? But I think it is impossible to create images for every pin,while I am pinning more then 100 products a day,from amazon?

Che Veux says:

You motivate me af gurl. But I'm a bit skeptical and I feel like I won't be able to succeed. Even tho you explained in details perfectly how it works, I'm anxious I won't be capable of making a good income. I feel like pinterest is a really sensitive engine and If I miss on one step I won't be able to make it right. Do you think that if I create about 7 differents accounts, following your procedure on how to set them up and by using your follow/unfollow method that you've shown on your previous videos I could genereate enough click to make about 200$ per week or do I have way too high expectations? thank youu

كوكب المعرفةPlanetKnowledgeI says:

Thank you for the tutorial

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