Amazon Work From Home: Honest Review

Amazon Work From Home: Honest Review

In this video I share my experiences with the Amazon Work From Home position. I hope you all find it helpful. If you have any questions that I missed in the video please feel free to leave a comment and subscribe if you like.

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Bri McMillan says:

Hey I have been getting a lot of questions about where you can apply. I went to when I applied. Keep in mind that they do mass hiring during certain times of the year so they might not be hiring at the time you check. I would just check frequently. Hope you all have a great day! ?

ReRe83 R says:

Hey, did you have to have call center experience in order to get the job?

kim nguyen says:

Only 500 every two weeks

sunshine dazeRenette says:

What is the name/ title of this job position?

Phantomlyne says:

When you call people what does a a phone call go like and what do you help them with

Phantomlyne says:

I missed the mass hiring because I applied too late and I am desperate and devestated. Please is there any information you can offer me?

Meet the Estes says:

I just started last month for seasonal, yeah it seems they have changed some things but unfortunately not pay…lol. They do provide a chrome laptop now as well as the things u said. Training was 2 weeks m-f 10am – 7pm EST (which was hard), my actual schedule is m-f 3am -12pm, and M-F goes quick so u do have to pick ur schedule as soon as they send it to you. Thanks for sharing your experience.

Dark Luvlee says:

I am currently in my 3rd week of training, I did not have to wait for my first check because it was direct deposited. I started 10/23/17, the training is all modules and team meetings. The live calls are 2 a piece towards the later end of your training. I honestly think that there should be more hands on because that is what will help the agent know what they are doing on the call. I am working flex part time $10 phr during training and it will increase to $12 after. I received the access tokens and a laptop with headset. I am eligible for benefits as well and the discount which is only 10% off. I think the process is easy but training for such a huge company needs soooo many improvements for so many reasons it's just not thorough enough and communication is not the greatest seems like the training managers are newbies as well?? Anywho…hours will be 20-29 after training or more depending on the needs. Training schedule is 28 hrs per week for 4 weeks. Will i stick around?? Probably not but it's ok while looking for something better..not feeling comfortable with how they handle things…Amazon should be much more professional then they are but I love them as a company in general just not necessarily as an employer!!

Tyrone Mcgee says:

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tyrone byrd says:

Do they pay overtime or could you

rain code says:

if your looking for a legit online job.. here the link i can assure you guys.. it really pay out… just watch some video.

LivinMelanin says:

Audio is pretty low. Couldn't watch past1:02

Lavongha Coleman says:

Hey How do I apply? Do they have any requirements?

nichole9347 says:

Do you practice phone calls during training ?

Marquita Scott says:

Hello Bri how do I fill out the application

Makayla L says:

Did you have to work on holidays ?

Lakesha Hennry says:

Please I would love to do this please tell me how thank you

KC Gang says:

Do you have to own a computer to work from home?

Janiece John says:

Hi, Do you know if anyone got hired on?

Ambrea Jones says:

Are they currently hiring now?

Akoben Renaissance says:

Sounds like another digital plantation

Vtomorra says: thinking about doing this..thnx for posting. Do they send you a check ( take taxes out)

Seabronica Boyd says:

Hey, I start training Oct 23, and I was wondering do you get your first paycheck exactly two weeks after? And if I may ask, how much was it?

a smith says:

Bri are you still working there? I’m part time and wanted to know will I be able to work mainly morning hours due to me being in school at night like for instance the time I picked for training will it be my normal schedule

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