Basic Accounting – Starting Your Own Business – Series by Don Bailey

Basic Accounting – Starting Your Own Business –  Series by Don Bailey

Don Bailey gives advise on an easy way to know your financial status on a daily basis.
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Victor Andrade says:

that microphone was picking up the saliva going down your throat and i cringed everytime.

Muhammad Ishtiaq says:

Great Info!!! Thanks

One Time says:

Honkey talk …

Claire Walsh says:

Is there an additional spreadsheet to the accounts that does the sa800 tax return

Simeon Simon; Alan: Lutze says:

mm simplicity, numbers don't make sense to me but the structure of the spreadsheet and the premise of keeping records really helped my mind to comprehend why accounting will be and is important. cheers

Anon Amous says:

Don, you are a natural teacher. Thanks for the great video lesson.

林冠仰Joseph Lin says:

Thanks for the more practical info than the textbook info. been away from grad school for years and this really link me up between the textbook and reality


Thanks, Don! Good job, Glen!

MAVERICK 42 says:

Even though that was some basics i still didn't get any of it so i think the best thing for me is to employ an accountant

Gary Lee says:

Hi, thanks for he info, can you share with us the excel file? 🙂

MLG420 Mcswaggerten says:

One day I want to get into business, in toolmaking, just a dream at the moment 🙂

Evan Hutcheson, CPA, LLC says:

This is a great video! Don Bailey, you made it look easy!

hotpepper613 says:

Great video, thanks. The information is very helpful!

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