Being A Stay At Home Mom Isn’t “Easy”

Being A Stay At Home Mom Isn’t “Easy”

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Angela Munoz says:

Give her gripe juice and stop putting her diapers on too tight

Charlana Jo says:

Girl it's definitely a full time job & it can be so draining at times. But you are doing a great job! It will get easier as she gets older. The miles stones are the best part,first word,first step,trying baby food ect. Hopefully we get to see these!πŸ’ž She is just beautiful.

Joanna Galvan says:

Look at her just looking at u washing her off 😍😍😍

Taylor b says:

Yesss I have a 4 year old and a 6 month old & I'm a stay at home mom. I AM EXHAUSTED by the end of the day. Zero breaks, it's tough! But worth it ❀️❀️

Joanna Leal says:

Maybe try swaddling her so she naps longer

killah 005 says:

If she's having alot of blowouts try sizing up a diaper

Ashley Childress says:

Girl yes. It's exhausting. And wait till she gets mobile that's when shit really hits the fan!! But it's all so worth it. I totes don't miss waking up with a newborn at night. My daughter just turned 3

Emily Counts sheep says:

My daughter is 2 and kept saying aww every time she saw Blake πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’– also love how you and Alex say sure to each other πŸ˜† 22:09

Rilailey Kuma says:

Your baby talk is everything xD

KaraW527 says:

You are killing it! Seriously. I did all formula feeding which there was so much judgement about but you are 100% long as your baby is fed! Second week home with my daughter and she managed to diaper blowout in my cleavage.. so hot. Lucky they are so cute!

Katy Scott says:

This made me so baby hungry! I want a little girl😭 she’s sooo cuteπŸ’—

Chaos With The Cunningham's says:

It’s not easy at all but I can’t say it gives you such a relief to know you are at home with your baby instead of leaving them with strangers at daycare and from experience I would take being a stay at home mom over going to work…3 months after I had my daughter I went back to work and waking up all night and waking up early and then having to waitress from 4pm until midnight was more exhausting! Lol so blessed to be at home with my daughter even though some days I go insane πŸ˜‚ and let people say what they wanna say about formula feeding with breast feeding you gotta do what you gotta do been there momma πŸ’•

Nicole Callaway says:

Grace you are such a good mom

Alison says:

Hey Grace!! Try going up a size in diapers that should help. Loving the vlogs! She is just beautiful!!

Marikate Flight says:

Are you able to get your belly button ring back in or did u let it close

Meg With An H says:

I breastfed my son for the first 3 weeks of his life then my supply went down so we put him on formula. Fed is best. πŸ’•

Piinkstar17 says:

grace are you breastfeeding or bottle or both? No judgement just curious πŸ™‚ fed is best ofc!

Shianne Taylor says:

I love these vlogs so much 😍😍😍

Irene Carias says:

She looks just like you girl 😍 ugh congratulations. She’s beautiful.

Daphnie Russell says:

The blowouts are so relatable lmaooo

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