Best Way to Do Affiliate Marketing 2018 – $4089.942 5DAYS! | Best Ways to Start Affiliate Marketing

Best Way to Do Affiliate Marketing 2018 – $4089.942 5DAYS! | Best Ways to Start Affiliate Marketing

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Best way to do affiliate marketing in 2018!

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In this video, I share the best ways on how to get started with affiliate marketing for beginners in 2018!

I’ll share how to get started on any budget, whether it’s for free, or you have money saved up to kick off paid marketing campaigns!


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Resources to get started with PAID campaigns and native ads:

► ADVAULT: Steal Competitive Campaigns:
► WhatRunsWhere:
► REVContent Native Ad Network:
► Outbrain Native Ads:


I’ve been in the affiliate marketing game for a while now and I constantly get questions from total beginners that want to know things like ‘what is affiliate marketing’, ‘how does affiliate marketing work?” and ” what’s the best way to do affiliate marketing as a beginner?”

To kick off 2018 with a BANG I figure’d I’d tackle this question and give my honest insight and feedback, not only that but I show you TWO ways to go about doing this. Low budget path and high budget path!

This video was inspired by the fact that I woke up today to about 50 notifications of payments received from implementing AFFILIATE MARKETING and one of the hottest trends online at the moment which is Cryptocurrency!

Recently, I uploaded a video about a Crypto Trading Bot I’ve been using with great results…
You can check that out here:

The bot has a generous referral program for affiliates, when I noticed that the bot had a referral program (did not know this until I was already using it lol) I immediately did what I ALWAYS do…

I created an informational video about the results I was having using the bot and shared it on YouTube with my subscribers but not only that… I RANKED this video around a highly competitive keyword and that’s where the vast majority of my referrals are coming from!

THIS is simply the BEST way to do affiliate marketing in my honest opinion.

You can do this…

► Without a website
► Without Paid Traffic
► Under an hour
► Without ANY subscribers (when you RANK highly)
► Without an email list (though you could generate one from this)
► Without showing your face (I used to do this)

Now you tell me what method is better than this for the vast majority of beginners?

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Alternatively you COULD jump into PAID affiliate marketing but that’s a whole other level of skills and takes a MINIMUM of $3000 to $5000 investment upfront to really learn the ropes (Well worth it if you ask me).

Here’s all the resources to get started with running PAID affiliate campaigns:

► ADVAULT: Steal Competitive Campaigns:
► WhatRunsWhere:
► REVContent Native Ad Network:
► Outbrain Native Ads:




Tom Billard says:

Ranking your vids is the skill and cant be that easy for a newbie what are the tips for that?

Loris Milano Music says:

Nice video and finally some useful info.
I found this one also:

Amit Hemed says:

what can i do if my english is too bad for making a youtube video and my audience will be the hebrew speakers only which are not enough to be profitable? 🙁

GlobalTubeTruth says:

Very informative video. Thank you!!

JC Mendoza says:

Awesome content Aaron! Just discovered your channel. Subbed to consume more content from you as I'm looking to start with this business model this quarter! Cheers!

MarketingStudios says:

I think your videos are so helpful 🙂 explains everything ! Keep it up

Mike G says:

Aaron Thank You for your Valuable Insights . I hope when people look at this and many of your other videos , that they realize the value in your content, and that you keep it real.
Keep up the Great Work. And I am glad you are back to making Great Content videos for all to enjoy, learn, and to be inspired by. And I look forward to your next video.

Aron Presswood says:

What about all the new tax laws for cryptocurrency? How can anyone make any money in short term trading coins?

Charlie Elder says:

Just got your video. Will let you know what I think

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