Confessions Of A Stay At Home Working Mom | HAUSOFCOLOR

Confessions Of A Stay At Home Working Mom | HAUSOFCOLOR

I feel so guilty for talking about this ?.

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shortiie16 says:

Do you know the gender yet!?!

JADE says:

Dont feel guilty, even though you stay at home, you need a break. Maybe put him in daycare or some kind of activity for a few days a week to give you some time to yourself.

InitialPLV says:

Looks like another baby boy! I feel you Mama, I'm in the same boat, hang in there. Take time away for yourself. I know it's hard but you've got this.

Nancy Tran says:

Hi!! Love your videos! Preston is such a cutie. Can you do some really cold winter outfit ideas for affordable price (winter coats, shoes) video. Love to seeing cooking videos too. Congrats on baby Number 2!!

Myrthe Ruissen says:

I feeeeel you!!!!! I'm a stay at home mom too, my Son is almost 8 months old… it gets exhausting! Sometimes you need a break and thats just not possible, its a 24/7 job… its worth it but it is hard! Youre doing a great job mommy! ?

Alexandra Beuter says:

Loooooove that you're daily vlogging! So excited for baby no. 2 !!!! XO

Vanessa Benavente says:

Loved your video! Where did you get Preston’s hoodies?

Ana L says:

Hi from Puerto Rico!!!♡

The Montz Adventures says:

I love watching your vlogs ❤️

Sea Pattaya says:

I think you should look at the lenses, not yourself on the screen.

Mummy Diaries says:

Hey hope everything goes well for you ??

Ash S says:

Hey love! I love how you are so honest and real about everything ❤️ don't ever change!
Also is that a leap frog tablet that Preston has or a ipad? Just need some ideas for my own little year old boy ?

Raci Race says:

I'm also a stay at home mom to a 14 month old and yes it's a blessing of course plus I have two daughters 8 and 6 so it is a lot I can say.. but sometimes I think we need time to recuperate are selves.. because I totally understand I Do.. btw I love your channel very humble you are much love..

Modern Mommy Toronto says:

Girl!!!!!!!!!!! I'm 5 months pregnant and have a 15-month-old and not a day goes by….that I feel like this too. I spoke to Brandon about it a lot and we decided that our 1.5 year old can have a blast at day care in Jan so I can get a bit of a break bc i work full time and watch him full time and a new baby on the way…ahhh . Dont feel guilty. You are such an awesome mom and whatever you decide is fine bc your baby just nmeeds love….at the end they just love you no matter what. We get tired.

ThatCouple’s Vlogs says:

Yes I can relate, and I can’t imagine doing it while pregnant ❤️❤️❤️❤️ your doing a great job though. I have a 6 month old and sometimes moms just need a break

Isabel Arriaga says:

Do you have a parter or are you a single mommy?

WhittniBubbles says:

What do you use to edit your vlogs?


I feel yan girl! I don’t have a help with my baby girl. My family is in the Philippines and his family is in Arkansas. She is so attach to me cause I nurse her. You looking great! You don’t even look big at all!

Crystal Wynn says:

I feel you girl- mom job is a major full time job and by the way, your face is glowing and gorgeous!

crazy Pikachu crcr says:

Seattle Seahawks vs Philadelphia eagles am in the region, South Jersey $$$$$$ on Seattle Seahawks?

Miley Nguyen says:

Pleaseee please do a cooking vlog I've always wanted to see you cooking in vlogs xx

Julie Ann says:

TMI but sometimes cant even poo for long coz my baby is crying so instead of 5 mins. 2 seconds will do haha.. im very thankful i have my mum or brother to atleast hold my baby sometimes or when i have to take a shower hard to be a single mum but atleast i have my family hehe .. xx

Trisha Caspe says:

same here. it gets exhausting some days. but some days its good. and i think that just seeing my 1yr old baby grow and knowing im the one who takes care of her is not gonna be forever, soon after a few years she's gonna go to school and then become a teen, like that

JKenipela says:

Aw its nice to see home. Bellevue square looks great as usual. And it seemed like you were at VietWah shopping lol. Can’t wait to go back home for a little bit. It’d be nice to bump into you someday!!

asia morgan says:

I’m a stay at home mom to an 8 month old. I can relate to loving your child and feeling blessed to be able to watch them grow, however, still feeling like you need a break. ❤️

aayNx says:

but how cute is Peyton omg!

Jessica C says:

Look into hiring a “mommy helper” for a few hours a week to give you a break. Someone young with a lot of energy that can serve as a playmate to P.

brianna p says:

wait u have the cruz stroller now ? can you do a review of it/

Cecilia Garza says:

It's normal for you to feel that way. I went through it too….. so I feel you girl!❤️

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