God gave me my dream (nursing) job | Storytime | Work from Home

God gave me my dream (nursing) job | Storytime | Work from Home


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What’s the typical day like working from home as a nurse? I’ll be starting this position in a couple weeks!!!

Brooke Hyacinth says:

I’m a work from home nurse for an insurance company as well! 🙌🏻

Staying Kingdom Minded says:

Avi I had no idea I were a nurse! I am too! That’s wonderful! We have more in common than I realized 🙂 I actually am in a ruff time at work wondering how much more I can handle, I m going to start seeking the Lord for his will in my job situation and I was really thinking on the way home today that maybes stay at home and work from home job would be a great idea, then this video! Hmmmmm So glad I saw this video!

KimmyDTV says:

can you provide more info on how we can obtain work from home lpn positons?

Donkayia Graham says:

This was BEAUTIFUL!!!!! and it gave me the answer to something that I've been confused about. Praise THE MOST HIGH GOD!!!!! May you continue to be blessed.

Very Vanessa says:

Thank you for posting this! I am a recent RN grad with 6 years LPN experience and want to transition into a management position. I’m praying for change 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

Emily Ohlinger says:

Did you ever work as a floor LPN before this job? If so, for how long? I’ve always been interested in this

Mandy's Way says:

I enjoyed this video and I came across this in perfect timing. Thank you for sharing, I have to start my fast ASAP and try the journal challenge. God bless you and and your family!!

Angela Rena says:

I am very interested in working from home as a TCM. Is it strictly a daytime job? Where do I apply?

Alisha Rigby Bradford says:

I love your videos!!! I'm just sitting here watching avi and lito marathons!! lol!!New subbie here!!!

Alisha Rigby Bradford says:

I love your videos!!! New subbie here!!!

J E Family says:

Hey Gurl I enjoyed your video, keep them coming.. I work from home as well. I am a Lpn Job title is Transitional care manager/Care coordinator. I love it so much and it is definitely a dream job for Nursing.. I didn't know it was a option either and it pays way more than floor nursing at my company, even more than some of my RN friends on the floor which is so shocking. It has its stress some days but well worth it.

Simone irie says:

Congrats!!! Welcome to the work from home world. I post work from home nurse jobs.

sejordan1982 says:

I desire a stay at home career hopefully i will be able to get one

Tay&Jay3x says:

Just subbed❤️Hope to stay connected:)

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