How I Make A FULL TIME Income Working From Home- $5K A Month at 19

How I Make A FULL TIME Income Working From Home- $5K A Month at 19

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Hey there, Curvy Tribe!

This is my VERY FIRST video talking about how I make a full time income working from home. I have been working from home since I was fifteen years old, and now I’m nineteen! I have six streams of income that I use to fully support myself, although writing is my biggest stream of income, bringing me anywhere from $3K-$5K a month in income. All from home! I don’t have a college degree or any special education to do my jobs- just a high school diploma.

Working from home has been such a blessing and I want to share that knowledge that I have with you so that you can make your own money, pay your bills, meet your dreams, put yourself through school, save up for your child’s education, or whatever else you want to do with your money! You make this money on your own time, which is the greatest blessing of all. If you have any questions, please let me know down below!


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Mia J says:

Damn that's pretty impressive! This is what a true entrepreneur looks like. Keep up the good work love<3

Avianna Stuart says:

Im 19 and a single mom. I would love to start working at home and make this much money! You're awesome for sharing this!😍😭

Olivia Allred says:

I have chronic migraine too. I recently graduated high school and couldn’t attend college right away. I got a traditional job and couldn’t continue because of my migraines. This video is such an inspiration!! Thank you for sharing.

L. P. says:

If you haven't already go see a good chiropractor for your migraines!! Changed my life/greatly reduced my migraines. Edit: and don't forget magnesium powder to drink before bed!

Jessica Lopez says:

Wait.. isn’t this plagiarism? Lol

Deshaun venice Hermoso says:

god you look 50

Krishna Murthy.D says:

You inspire us

Cassy und so. says:

Hey, do you have any tips on how to structure and write a good blogpost?

Brooke Clark says:

Congrats girl thats awesome. Also thanks for sharing and helping others!

BeautyPaintBox says:

So if you never done this before should you start in a content mill site to build your resume?

Mellisa Maragh says:

maybe your health problems could be partly psychological. Doctors couldn't tell what was wrong with me either, but I'm now realizing that the issue was with my brain.

Julie Hill says:

Your life is inspiring! I LOVE people who think outside the box. Thanks for making this video.

Samantha Kelley says:

WOW! I have been looking for jobs like you are doing and I keep coming across scams and things I have to buy. I'm 19 and having to live with my parents because of certain issues and they aren't really able to support me. I have been making everything stretch like I have somehow managed to make 1 bottle of bath products last for 3-4 months already and I usually go without eating because I can't in any way get food and I know my parents can't afford to keep supporting me, I know that if I don't find a way to bring in an income they're going to kick me out and I will be homeless so I have been looking like crazy. Please if you have any more tips or anything you can help me with I could really use all of the help I can get! Thank you for sharing this video, I have already opened every blog site in different tabs hoping I can do them! 😉


I CAN NOT TELL YOU HOW THIS SAVED MY LIFE!!! I was looking for your email to make this more personal but hey let the world know. I have Lupus and MS I cannot work away from home. I saw this praying for a miracle. I found it. I went to the sites and use the tools you suggested. OMG, I can now provide for copays and Drs I could not before. I can say YES to my children for the things I could not afford. I say thank you and thank you and thank you. Words are not enough and I will make sure I will pay it forward. I am very serious and appreciate you more than you know. I am an ISA VA for 6 Real Estate agents. I am so happy and have finally found peace!!! Thank you!

Karah Humphrey says:

Your so inspiring!!❤️

My Level 10 Life says:

You're simply amazing, friend! Great job!

Down for the Ride says:

Very helpful.. i would love to work from home.. i honestly would be able to stay home with my son and him not having to go to daycare.

Eve Hemingway says:

YOU ARE SO IMPIRING! I'm soooo happy I have come across your channel. I am going to start freelance writing RIGHT NOW. Thank you xoxox

Taylor Sierra and Mia Gudda says:

Before I️ even start, I️ love the creativity in the backdrop. But congrats, I️ love how you turned something your amazing at into a business

Вера Федотова says:

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sharon johnson says:

I was looking for info not your life story. I am also disabled and with that I can't take too much rambling in my head. You did well and for that I am proud. take care.

Garry B. says:

473 wpm? Naw

Борислав Кирилишен says:

Searching for techniques to earn money online. You can get to know more tips to earn money online. Simply type: "The Make Money Online Pro" in google.

Chloe Allengame says:

This was so inspirational! I quit my job because my boss was so sexist towards me, now I’m looking for a full time job so I can earn at least a grand a month just to pay for rent and food etc.. I’ve been looking at online jobs but it’s so hard to find genuine online work! I have a high school diploma and 2 year make up qualification (but I have no passion in pursuing a make up career) this video just opened my mind up so much more! Thank you and you are so beautiful, you have such a amazing personality! ✨😘💖

מישל נוטל says:

your very impressive

Slytherin Vegan Ichiiego says:

your cute!!!!!

Tasha Potter says:

This video is great! But what about for people just starting out that don't want to be screwed over through the companies you started out with? I don't have any background with freelance writing but I'd love to do this!

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