How This Billion Dollar Company Uses Affiliate Marketing…

How This Billion Dollar Company Uses Affiliate Marketing…

In this video, I share how a BILLION dollar company is cleverly utilizing affiliate marketing to generate some extra revenue.

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Affiliate marketing is a fantastic business opportunity for people who want to learn how to make money online in 2018 through passive income. I strongly believe that affiliate marketing is the BEST online business to start for anyone, due to minimal to no investment and unlimited upside and earning potential.




Anthony Ciarrocca says:

the intro is dope!!!!!!

eCom Pixel says:

Great info as usual!

King Amir says:

Nice video with good info as always man. I like that watch though odi😂💯👌

tim tim says:

Intro was great…,✌

LifeAndTimelessArt says:

If someone wants to get started does someon really need to buy your course? Since the person asnt got the money yet

Hank Hill says:

Hi Odi can you please anser this urgent question:

Do you do any affiliate marketing for CPA offers or only digital products ?

Ellisen Wang says:

Another great video and love that intro!

major #vlog says:

Lol u saound like tai Lopez

karl pee says:

Great video , good job bro

angel aguirre says:

Good video Boss! You should do some daily blogs if you can. Shout out from Chi city too.

Lawrence Lee says:

Lol good o' we work, genius stuff they'd doing

Good Pocket Change says:

Good Stuff Odi!

Lee Jia Suen says:

Amazing content as usual 👍👍

Mike Hong says:

Man so simple, you go ODi ✊🏼

Jomiloju Borokinni says:

Hey Odi dope vid man. Please check DMs bro @we_will_winnn

Kris.K says:

Thanks Odi,for another killer video .

John Lewis says:

Great video like always Odi….

LaQueitin Edwards says:

Is it possible for me to buy just the course for 500 bc I'm a kid and don't have much money

Brian Pfeiffer says:

Thanks for sharing bro inspiring

John Gabriele says:

Crazy…. Lol… I'm waiting on my tax return to start FBA… I started watching your videos first… I'm still not connecting the dots on how to do it…. Great video…..

Harkati Nabil says:

We're missing your videos bro 😁😁 hope you don't disappear for long times again

Sebastian Failla says:

Dude, definitely digging the new intro! Pretty cool to see a huge business using affiliate marketing like that

Andrew Monheim says:

Wow this is super surprising! Awesome vid!

Simply Car Things says:

aye that intro tho! and thats crazy, I never realized affiliate marketing is used by companies that large. coworking is a brilliant idea

Vincenzo Micale says:

Dope intro!

MC Dylan 45 says:

Hey there, can you make a monthly or weekly giveaway but how to be successful affiliate marketing or how to make money?
Great videos by the way:) .

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