How to Make Money Doing What You Love

How to Make Money Doing What You Love

We would all enjoy making money doing something we love. Why doesn’t it work out that way? Reality sets in and we take jobs just because they help us pay the bills and support ourselves.

Just because you have responsibilities and living expenses to meet doesn’t mean that you can’t pursue your own creative passions. Here are a few ways to start making money doing what you love.

1. Find a Service That Helps People

One of the best ways to make money doing something you love is to take one of your skills and use it to help people.
Choose something that you truly enjoy doing that will help make someone’s life easier.

For example, I have a passion for writing so I use my writing skills to help companies and entrepreneurs produce better content for their audience. It’s a win-win.

To ensure you have full control over the work you do, I’d highly recommend turning it into a small business over working for someone else and I’ll explain why soon.

2. Turn a Hobby Into a Side Hustle

Another way you can approach it is by turning a hobby of yours into a side hustle. Hobbies are things you are often good and would love to do even for free obviously.

You don’t have to monetize every hobby you have, but it can be fun to make money doing one of your favorite past times. For example, if you love art, you could consider doing graphic design or even selling designs and artwork as home decor on sites like Etsy.

If you enjoy playing an instrument, you can offer music lessons or you can tutor students if teaching others makes you happy.

Jot down some of your favorite hobbies and brainstorm a list of income streams you can generate from them. When you do it as a side hustle, there is very little risk involved and you’ll truly enjoy the work you’re doing.

3. Start a Website

More and more people are starting websites these days. A convincing social media platform is just not enough. If you want to promote your hobbies and services or just establish a profitable brand for yourself, you’ll need a website or blog.

Blogging is great because you can talk about whatever topics interest you and target a specific audience that you wish to appeal to. After your site gains some traction, you can monetize it with ads, affiliate links, and sponsorships.

You can also use your site as a platform to sell your products and services. For example, if you like knitting, you can publish a new post each week that shares your personal experience with knitting along with some tips and tools you’d recommend.

If you’re not interested in writing blog posts, consider creating video content instead or launching a podcast if you think you’ll enjoy talking and interviewing better. You can monetize a podcast as well by promoting affiliates that will appeal to your audience and securing sponsorships.

Everyone should have a website of their own. Starting your own website or blog can be simple and quick even if you don’t have any experience in website development. You don’t need any coding experience or even need to know how to extensively use HTML – themes make it easy to have a great looking website without any experience at all. Once you have your website, you can then share your passion, create articles about the process, industry, or even your own personal diary.

Your website will also be where you can start selling your products to a global audience.

4. Approach It From an Entrepreneurial Mindset

Entrepreneurs have a better chance of being happier with their career. Want to know why? They have more control over their work. They can choose what they do when they do it, and who they work with.

Even if you love graphic design and are passionate about it, working for someone else may not be enjoyable for you if you don’t like your projects or the way the company is run.

This isn’t to say that all entrepreneurs are happy because they aren’t. Self-employment comes with a whole list of challenges you have to face, but it’s worth considering if you want to work flexibly, call all the shots, and make money doing what you love.

Start a small business on the side to test the theory out and see if it will work for you. This is what I did with my freelancing business. I kept my day job for at least a year and built my business up on the side to see how I’d like it first.

When I quit my job, it was a huge relief because I was able to make money doing something I loved.

5. Prioritize Down Time and Shift Some Responsibilities

When you’re a passion-based entrepreneur, you run the risk of losing interest your work during tough times not being as motivated or productive. This can make your work more stressful and less enjoyable as a result.

Be sure to prioritize downtime and don’t associate your work with your identity even if you’re doing what you love. Too much routine can lead to you becoming bored or even overwhelmed.

Be sure to outsource some of the tasks you don’t care for or aren’t good at. You’ll feel much better once that burden is lifted from your shoulders and you can focus more on what interest you.

Have you ever thought about making money doing something you loved? What would that be for you?

There is no reason that you can't pursue your creative passions as a career. Here are four ways to make money doing what you love.

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