How to Make Passive Income with Affiliate Marketing

How to Make Passive Income with Affiliate Marketing

Learn my 5 step process for how to make passive income with affiliate marketing, PLUS an example with one of my own products!

Affiliate marketing is incredibly powerful, and extremely underutilized by most brands. I’ll show you how to do it right to give yourself the best change for long term, passive income.

With that said, do realize that although technically affiliate marketing is easy (almost anyone can sign up for Amazon’s associates program, for example), it’s actually hard to master and get to a point where it can generate significant earnings.

By putting these strategies into place now, however, you’ll set yourself up for success because after you implement these strategies, they become passive money-makers that can continue to earn for you over time, while you rinse and repeat the process with other products in your recommendation library.

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Let me know in the comment section what the next product you’re going to focus on to promote as an affiliate. I hope you enjoy these tips! I’ve got a lot more affiliate marketing strategies coming your way, so make sure you subscribe (and hit that notification bell to join #TeamFlynn!), and I look forward to reading your comment below!

Thanks again for being awesome!


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Ken Jones Real Estate Advisor says:

Do you see a problem with recommending 2 different items that do the same thing as alternatives? Example: 2 different microphones; 1 higher-end and 1 entry-level.

Jerome Brown says:

Great video Pat, I've actually spoken to youtubers who have created videos on a product I am talking about and asked them if I could feature their video into my blog post. That way they can see a video about a product from a source I trust and in return I link back to that persons youtube channel.This is just until I am at a place where I can create my own videos.

Cookin' with Kibby says:

People are always asking me about the induction range I use in my kitchen sessions and demos. I plan to do a video review. Just got my Amazon Associate set up last night, so I’m ready to go! #teamflynn

Dale Haviland says:

Thanks Pat! I have to say that I really like your style on how you present and discuss different topics and how genuine you are. I’m starting out as a affiliate marketer in the nutrition and sports supplement niche and I’ve created a blog website and have created one post on a popular protein supplement that I use and personally love. My next step is to create a YouTube video showing the product in a “5 reasons why… “ style video. My question to you is that this genre can come across as scammy and I really want to come across as being really genuine. Any thoughts. Thanks again.


Very helpful. I will start with finding the right product for my audience (runners). Update soon..

FlyBoyDrummer says:

never mind, saw the reply below…

FlyBoyDrummer says:

a w e s o m e stuff again, Pat! Hey, who makes that candle behind you on the shelf at 4:55? I'll buy one if there's an affiliate link that'll earn you some money 🙂

Morgan Johnson says:

Hey Pat I would be careful at saying kickback just because it sometimes has a negative view.

Keala Carr says:

Hi! I'm going to be talking a lot about various personal development and business growth books and courses I'm going to take over the next year, so I figure I'll do the affiliate links with Amazon to the books I recommend. Yours is on my list to read too! 🙂

Cedric Fonville says:

Pat I love your work. QUESTION: How can I use affiliate marketing for my role as an agent to service providers? I help people find work/clients and charge a commission or "finder's fee." Is there a suggestion or course for learning better ways to do that using similar concepts?

Karol Garley says:

…or that 'wynn' 😊
Have A Magical Evening!!!❤

Se7en Blessings says:

Thank you so much Pat for going step by step on showing us how to become an affiliate 😁😁😁😁

oksancia says:

Awesome video as always, dear Pat! I am going to recommend Adobe Illustrator and Wacom Tablet for artists.

Jason Resnick says:

This may be a bit more of an advance Q+A but I'm curious your thoughts on taking the affiliate link and then using a plugin or a URL shortener as the link instead.

Jason Resnick says:

I have to say, being genuine and how you talk about providing value and not just a link and photo, that does make me want to click that link rather than just copy the product and perform the search myself.

Dennis Abad says:

awesome video as well Pat! i'm grooming myself to be the Pinoy Pat, hehehe.

Question: believe it or not, the internet / online business lifestyle, is only REALLY just starting to take flight here in the country as attitudes and internet speed has began to catch up. From your POV in the states, (outside looking in), do you think that email marketing software (yay Convertkit!) is absolutely essential for those new people who are just new to online marketing?

Women Finding God with LaToya Edwards says:

I'm working on promoting a course on how to study the Bible. I just need to figure out how to make a video featuring the course. I already have it linked on my resource page, top 10 bible study tools and a few other blog posts

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