How to Start a Business

How to Start a Business

We’re often encouraged to think that the secret to starting is a business is to have a bold and entirely original idea. But the suggestion here is that all we really need is to LOVE something a little more than most other people do: that will be enough to help us stand out from the competition. For gifts and more from The School of Life, visit our online shop:
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“Many of us want to start our own businesses. Public space is filled with reports of new ventures. But the reporting on entrepreneurship is heavily skewed in one particular direction: towards people who have started new kinds of businesses, pioneers who have pushed the boundaries of commerce by creating a wholly original offering, usually through the help of an innovative piece of technology…”

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The School of Life says:

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Capsules for You says:

Every day thousands of videos are uploaded to YouTube, but your video is a bomb. It will be good if you constantly shoot such videos. To earn money, you need to find a mentor, learn the basics and subtleties of business, have a plan and give all the time to your project.

TheJensbn says:

SpaceX and Tesla are great examples of businesses who 'love' what they are doing.

Darren Tremblay says:

its very nice story, but the problem is that most of the people don't have anything to start … I was one of those people and i want to help people that are in same spot where i was. I was struggling with the fact that i need to start some business, and one day my brother (who's football coach) told me that he got in touch with some german managers that know what results will be at some matches, and that they are working online because they can't bet some large amounts and stay unnoticed, at first i thought it's impossible, but one year after that i can say it was one of the best thing my brother did, we just recentlly opened restaurant together and we can't me more grateful for this opportunity. You can add this german manger on Skype, his skype id is ''moneymaker2270'', he's not expensive, but only problem is that he doesn't work with everyone, so good luck !

Kyle Rodenberg says:

I am going to start a songwriting busisness

Joshua Hunter says:

Well Every Good Company needs a Website right? I can hook you up. On your computer go to and make me an offer.

BeastPigSweg says:

I want to become an astroid miner but im trying to figure out a name … space x? Nah taken…. Space AM…. eh… AMBE…. i kinda like it

Stars Aligned says:

This told me nothing if how to start a business. This only told me wat is a business. Rephrase ur title it's misleading and may be time wasting to some

Jessica Liter says:

i am 11 years old i am trying to learn how to start a buiseness for when i grow up i already know what i want to do but i have no idea how to do it. i wish they taught this stuff in school

Blessed says:

I luahhgghhvvvvveeee.

Luo Bojia says:

So the business is either for the purpose of pragmatic or love.The sectors of business may by mature or innovative. Down to earth, to choose or start a certain business just need some more enthusiasm than others.

KK Sanders says:

Thanx The School of Life for this informative video…

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Bethany Derby says:

Thank you very much for this video, this is just what I needed!

Alejandro Cthulhu says:

Your videos are amazing, thank you so much n_n please keep doing them

Aleks M says:

Download Your Free Ebook "How To Start A Business"
Many people have dreams of having their own business for many reasons. They want to make money and make something of themselves. Others want something to supplement their income. Whatever the reason you want to start a business, always begin doing it the right way and keep running it with good intentions.

Sophie Russell says:

This is a very unrealistic, leftist view on the subject. We would not live in the modern world we live in today had it not been for those who did and still do sacrifice so much of their time, money, and happiness.

autistic meatsack says:

what if your business was love-matic.

Teqilla Shepherd says:

Hello Everyone, I Am Soon To Host A Free Webinar On "How To Startup A Successful Business. The Course Will Go Into Full Depth Of How To Start The Process. If You Are Interested In An Invite Type "Yes"

Chris Bishop says:

the communist undertones shook me to my core

Viro Science says:

who wants to start a company with me

Logo Bagus says:

nice content, thank you

IsMiseCreZ says:

I really don't know how to go about starting my business without funding so I started a Gofundme if anybody would like to help contribute as my dream is to start my own clothing brand that will have meaning close to my heart. The link is below and I hope everybody has a great day!

Kristen Hayden Torrisi says:

Makes me think of Zingermans Deli

Courtney Johnston says:

Yes! As long as there are people who have problems, want things, need things, there is plenty of room for more businesses. I used to think that I had to invent something world-changing to start a business.

MIZORAM - Mafaka Hnamte says:

This is really awesome video
Thanks for making it

jananni123456789 says:

That kids voice is so creepy

X12sab says:

Money ruins everything

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