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Heather Hendricks says:

Where's my pizza?! Yes, girl! LOL….love it! Feed that baby! <3

Pinkpeonies Cakes says:

how did you start your web page did you have to pay who did you use tks can't wait to shop

Stefania Serino says:

Alex where is your phone case from? i love it!!!!

Saile Guzman says:

So flipping excited!!!!!

Our journey 3 says:

Can you do a video on your birth plan please. Like are you going natural, epidural, vaccine or not yet, parents in the room, video, breast or bottle? That kind of stuff. I'm 20 weeks and like watching other ppls plans to help me get ready lol thanks 🙂

Erika DeOcampo says:

Love how passionate you are about Good To Be, Alex! It’ll do so well just because you’re so pumped about it.

Cheyenne A says:

Please do international shipping.. been following since you lived at home 🙂 looooove your feminine and fresh style!

Karen .c.h says:

Best of luck with the launch.

Earls Family Vlogs says:

Loved this and hearing your take! You guys definitely seem to have a good balance of working together and totally agree about both having to be all in, it makes a huge difference. can't wait to see the store!

modmomdiaries says:

It is so true that you and your partner both have to be "all in" on something like that. I just started my own channel this year because my husband actually bought me all of the equipment for Christmas and totally encouraged me. Now when I'm spending time trying to figure out editing software and filming he's jumping right in giving the kids a bath and cleaning the house. Last year I was on a fitness journey that I embarked on by myself and it was a constant source of tension because I was spending so much time away from the family. Obviously not the exact same thing but what you said just really resonated with me. Also…I am so glad he gets paid on the 31st so I can give you all my money! 💋

Nia Nicole says:

How do you guys keep the romance alive since you do spend a lot of your time focused on your businesses?

TREY & KIARA says:

ALEX!!! I am so excited to see all of the items that will be sold on your new online shop! I am just going to buy everything haha! Cannot wait 🙂

samaaanthaa says:

So excited to see what you guys have put together for your shop! You two are so hardworking and just have a great work ethic, that’s one of the many reasons I love watching your videos. Keep up the good work 👏🏼💕

Two Again says:

Great tips!! THANK YOU!! Our son and daughter-in-law just found out they have been chosen for adoption!! I've been binge watching all of your "baby necessities" videos!! Great ideas for things I didn't even know existed!!!

Toni Kirbas says:

do you have a launch time for thursday? I work at 3pm eastern…. i need to make sure i am able to buy pieces!! XOXO

Lindsey Fox says:

I don't know about everyone else but I for one would actually enjoy seeing the behind the scenes vlogs of the random things you guys are doing to get ready or what goes on to run the business or the exact steps you have to take to start one! 🙂

Judy Landry says:

You’re one of my favourite youtubers at the moment. love your style and vlogs 😉

Table For Seven says:

🙋🏻‍♀️ I’m one of the thousands, pretty mama!

I have recently started a non-profit and you are such an incredible inspiration to me. Believe it or not but you (and Michael) have empowered me to take this on full force! You share with your viewers just how much works goes into your business whether it be YouTube or the store, and even though it’s endless work, if it’s something you love and are excited about, the “work” is oh so worth it! ❤️
Our foundation is called Kidney/Solutions and we help, educate, and gather all sources needed to help find people with kidney failure (or on dialysis) a living kidney donor! It’s a dream come true for me!!! So thank you for being such a beautiful inspiration! 😘❤️

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