Make $200/Day Online w/ No Website Affiliate CPA Marketing Beginner Training

Make $200/Day Online w/ No Website Affiliate CPA Marketing Beginner Training

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Raja S C says:

What's the best site for mobile campaign???

Joan Mutheki says:

Yeeeees you're finally back is it possible to connect with you

Trev's-World-TV says:

Also, on average, how many days/how much ad spend before you see your first conversion using this traffic source/direct link strategy? Thanks ahead of time. This provided tremendous value!

Trev's-World-TV says:

Thank you so much Chanel! How long have you been using Tonic? This is my first time ever hearing about it.

Musa Rose says:

wish i had the money to sign up for the school

Musa Rose says:

how can i get a cash network referal

MrGordonSCollins says:

Hey sis, how much was the adspend to get to $200+ a day?

Macquin Nnadi says:

Great video! 💯

awesome bz says:

Yay!! You are back with stunning stuff!!!!!!!thanks for sharing

MrGordonSCollins says:

Great video! Thanks!

-Gordon Collins

Jack frost says:

welcome back… the mogul training academy updated?

TayJr says:

please upload more. where u been? 😭

Helping Wizz says:

Chanel can you email me or add me on fb? Great vid.

M Falcon says:

Is white-listing on TONIC similar to custom audience on facebook?

Lucile Vergneau says:

Ive been waiting patiently 4 u

Janie Ou says:

Thank you! It’s awesome to have you back!! 💕

Janie Ou says:

Which type of offers does this work best with besides the download ones?

IrishAfricanDude says:

Goooowan Chanel 🙂

Janie Ou says:

Ayyyy! Thank you! 🔥

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