My Decision to be a Stay at Home Mom + How We Budget on One Income

My Decision to be a Stay at Home Mom + How We Budget on One Income

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Soffy S says:

Very useful! Thank you for doing this. X

Mackenzie Andryusky says:

We used our tax return to get a month ahead on bill. We have one account for checks and another for payments and move our monthly amount on the first

ybatista0528 says:

It's going to be a year now in April since we decided for me to be a stay at home mom and what helped us soooo much, is couponing! I refuse and don't pay full price for anything!

Kara Halcomb says:

Just curious, how old are you and your husband? 🙂

Kimberly Ann says:

Yes to a grocery video!!!!!

Crystal's Life says:

Great advice! We are always looking for ways to save money and these are some great tips. I would love to see an Aldi video – maybe like the items you always purchase and recommend. We tried shopping there about a month ago and left with the most random things. It was honestly a little overwhelming. But that is one area I know we can cut our cost down. And cable provider too! Ugh.

Danielle Pilon says:

Girl! I moved from the NORTH to the Deep South and we don't have an Aldi… I'm so SAD! I miss it soooo much!! Saved us so much money and the food was soo good.

MsStar1983 says:

Great advice, would love to see the grocery budget, this is the area i suck at the most.

Melissa'sFamBam says:

I would love to see a grocery budget! We don’t have an aldi. I get so jealous when I see aldi hauls!

Shiza Rizvi says:

I want to see the Aldi video! Were on a one income right now so I recently have started shopping there myself.

Amanda Jones says:

My budgeting this time without working ive gone way eco to help cute corners on stuff. Im cloth diapering this coming baby and keeping my things i buy to the essentials and i will be nursing and/or pumping cause breastmilk is free 👍 also it helps im vegan so it cuts meat cost in half and i eat beans and rice and veggies and its super cheap being vegan lol we also have nextflix and hulu and rhe amazon firestick with kodi on it so we dont need cable

Amanda Jones says:

I was never gonna be a stay at home mom till when my daughter was 1 1/2yrs old my husband got an offer to get back in the army. Being away from my family who watched my daughter being at home was more cost effective since having 1 car causes scheduling issues. But i love being at home and its way cheaper then having her in daycare with us moving around and now with #2 on the way its way cheaper for me to be home. Honestly i love being home more than having to go to the salon every day being away from my babies, plus i dont miss the nit picky clients but i do miss doing hair sometimes

Lee loves Lillie says:

Great video mama!

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