PUTTING MORE EFFORT INTO IT! // stay at home mom vlog // Mommy Etc

PUTTING MORE EFFORT INTO IT! // stay at home mom vlog // Mommy Etc

There’s one thing I’ve been meaning to put more effort into! Also I make a new crock pot meal! Check out the links below and please SUBSCRIBE!
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Hi, I’m Jill! Here you’ll find vlogs about my life as a stay at home mom of two, and also fun videos I make with kids. Thanks for watching!

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Kalee Cates says:

I had ok day

Glen Coco says:

love the video. so great 🙂

Diana Valdez says:

You need a bed skirt to make it complete! Looks good! Maybe that blue color to break up the white like you want?

Lacey McBride says:

Nice channel 🙂 Haha, my child is 3 and still puts the cat's food in the water.

Christine P. says:

I think the issue is the crockpot I’ve tried many times making beef and broccoli in the crockpot and it just doesn’t come out the same or as flavorful as in a skillet 🤔

Becky Pitu says:

I love that sweater that you're wearing! where is it from?

Becky Pitu says:

Jill, you always have a great smile on your face whenever you start the vlogs!

Lauren White says:

This may not even bother you, but just an idea for the tag on your box spring. If you rotate that side to face the wall, it will hide nicely. But I would understand not wanting to move it 😅 not necessarily an easy task haha but I love the way your bed spread turned out!

The Guerro Family!! says:

I try to make my bed everyday it gets me in a cleaning mood. I loved the video and Madison's hair was so cute seen it on Instagram the other day. Both kidos are just so cute.

candi0826 says:

Kids and dog/cat food my youngest does that at grandmas house. They have a dog and she puts dog food in the waters

Nikkole says:

It’s so cute watching Chase. He is exactly 3 months to the day younger than my daughter. It’s fun seeing where he is in his development because it’s so similar to what I see with my baby. 😃

Alyssa Fennessy says:

I’ve been watching you since the little blue kitchen and I just found out I’m pregnant! I’m excited to rewatch those old videos of you when you were expecting Madison 😀

Jessica Leighann says:

Oh my gosh!!!!!!! The dog food!!!! My little guy does that all the time!!!!

Carolyn Harmon says:

Madison looked very cute with her shirt and the hair tie looked so nice!

mady desir says:

Loved the vlog!! Never made my bed my mom always does it lol😂😂💕❤😍

Carolyn Harmon says:

Yes the bed looks really nice! And your right about a colored blanket or a throw on the bed. What kind of mattress did you guys end up getting and do you like it? Chase is really looking like a kid now, he's losing the baby face. So cute!

Mommy Etc says:

Do you make your bed every day or no??

Amy says:

Are those the sheets with the elastic around the corners too? We looove those sheets, they are the only ones that dont come off since we roll around a lot and are fat lol 😂

Phylicia Barlow says:

I feel like it’s impossible to make Chinese food at home that tastes anything like what you get from a restaurant. I like the bed, but I agree it would look good with a blanket at the edge.

Patricia Droddy says:

Everything looks wonderful! You did a very good job!

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