Q&A: Why I’m not having more kids? Working from home + family traditions + Date Nights?

Q&A: Why I’m not having more kids? Working from home + family traditions + Date Nights?

Today I am answering your questions!

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Nancy Howe says:

Since starting your debt free living have you inspired any family or friends to also live debt free?

Caroline Coffey says:

Hey Lydia love your vlogs I live in U.K. and when my kids were little they went to regular schools, home schooling wasn’t really an option. It’s only now that their grown and I have a little grandson and when I reflect on my kids struggles and all the problems concerned with schools over subscribed that i realise where home schooling would have been better do you get advice from another source and what curriculum to follow love to all your lovely family xx

Momma Schmooze Reviews says:

POOP EXPLOSION! Thank God I'm done with that! Lol

Michelle J says:

LOL Netflix and Sleep, we have our 3rd otw and are in our mid twenties and in the same boat lol

Michelle Fowlkes says:

Disney advice… check out Do It On A Dime video on it.

jessbelle02 says:

2 to 3 kids was crazy! So difficult, took me to my baby’s 2nd birthday to feel like I finally had a hand on things. So chaotic!

Nay Ta says:

When going to Disney you can visit time share presentations if you have a little time. They usually give you free breakfast too. At the end they give you free tickets to different attractions in the area just for listening. We have gone to dinner shows and gotten in to theme parks absolutely free. Now they do really try to push you into purchasing a time share. It is a good way to save a little though. It has been a few years but I'm guessing they still do that in Florida.

Melanie Homburg says:

So much baby fever over here! That ticking clock is a real thing! I was fine with 1, he's now 8 and like the last 18months babies are ON MUH BRAIN!

Whats In My Life 2017 says:

The first time my granddaughter had an explosion (up her back, on the carpet, and through her clothes) my daughter and son in law froze and just stared at me with a look of horror on their faces 🤣🤣🤣 grandma to the rescue taught them how to clean it up. 👍🏻

Amy Heelis-Cannon says:

I was at Burger King with my triplets and my son had a blowout it was the middle of February thankfully I had diapers and wipes but the poor thing I didn't have any clothes to change him into so I learned that lesson the hard way but at least he had a clean diaper. and he did have his coat but you know we weren't far from home but that was one of my many poop explosion stories. have you ever tried to clean throw-up from three car seats because your triplets had the stomach bug and threw up all over their car seats let me tell you that ain't a fun thing to clean either. As always I love your videos you are such a good kind-hearted person. And I don't think it's a lack of faith because you decided not to have any more children. that is totally between you and God.

Shie H. says:

Can I give a triple thumbs up for Nexflix, brownies and crashing? That’s our life – but I love it. Oh – and my (well I stole from somewhere and it might even have been you) “pro” tip for avoiding food waste is ALL about my 2 year old. He has a lovely habit of eating half his fruit. Half a banana, a few slices of apple, etc. We group apples together and freeze them – they make awesome apple sauce. We also put bananas and berries together and freeze them to make smoothies from the left overs. I’m prediabetic, so I don’t eat much fruit, but my hubby loves his Sunday morning Smoothie Surprise. :).

Frugal Trauma Momma says:

Yeah I totally planned on having a ton of kids… However God had different plans. With no husband, birthing children is difficult. 🙂 But I have been blessed by adopted two kiddos from foster care and plan on adopting more kiddos in the future!

patty hill says:

Pooopsppplllosionnnnn. Lol. My youngest used to poop on one day a week, all day! Dr said it was fine. We stayed home on what I called “poopy day”

Christine P. says:

Disney’s prices went up this month even if your a Florida resident like me 😩 btw left overs taste better I feel it gets more tasteful the next day 😁

J Hildebrand says:

What method are you using to stop from becoming pregnant ?

Organized Alaina says:

Great video! My husband and I have thought long and hard about going from 2 to 3 kids….but we have heard about that transition…😩 still unsure. Lol.

Joyce Hall says:

Enjoy watching your videos…we went to Disney yesterday..the Animal Kingdom..Pandora/avatar is a must see… you’ll have fun in any park..

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