Speed Cleaning Power Hour – Stay At Home Mom Cleaning Routine ♡ NaturallyBrittany

Speed Cleaning Power Hour – Stay At Home Mom Cleaning Routine ♡ NaturallyBrittany

Today’s video is a new speed cleaning power hour! This is my routine for cleaning up quick, and especially if you are a stay at home mom I’d definitely recommend trying out a power hour cleaning routine! You’ll be amazed with how many areas you can clean quickly, and when you’re doing this as a daily cleaning routine it really helps to keep the mess down. Hope you found some cleaning inspiration and maybe some new ideas to spice up your routine! xoxo Brittany

Why I Got Rid Of The Kid’s Toys https://youtu.be/AOqd5Zn1yfo

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Earth Day Swaps Video https://youtu.be/QRvXW3ZD0P4
(This has my natural All-Purpose Cleaner recipe!)

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Hayley Homburg says:

Brittany what sparked the name change? Did i miss something.

Emma James says:

I cleaned my kitchen whilst watching this! I know you’re really good about answering questions about your religion so long as they are respectful. I was just wondering how your boys deal with other children celebrating their birthday at school. Do you let them go to birthday parties? Do they take part in singing Happy Birthday to other children? Do they understand why they don’t celebrate their own birthdays? You explained to me once before why JW don’t celebrate birthdays but I was just wondering if it is more difficult now that your kids are mixing more with non JW kids and are beginning to learn more about how other people live.

Jazzy says:

Very motivational… maybe next time it would be fun to have a 60 minute count down clock so we can see how long things really take you 😉

Reallifemama says:

Are you obsessed with the vacuum lines as much as me? 😂🤣
Which diffuser do you have in your room?
Loved this power hour, you got a ton done!
I would love a review of the cleaning products and a deep clean video.

Jacqueline Eastman says:

You have such a beautiful home. May I ask where your shirt is from?

Stacie Theon says:

Just the motivation I needed…if only we could clean on hyper speed! And Kaylee cameos are the cutest! I love watching these types of videos, so satisfying. Thanks, Brittany!

AshleyNicoleYT says:

Hey Girl! Where did you get your desk? 😊

AdoptableDogVideos says:

You are incredibly efficient! How long did it take you to complete the cleaning?

Gina Pearson says:

Thanks for sharing the motivation today :)~

TheCrafty CrunchyMom says:

You accomplished SO much in an hour! WTG girl!! I love it, thanks for the motivation 💕

Brittany Burton says:

Definitely a deep cleaning video! ❤️

Latasha McCauley says:

Awesome motivational video! ❤

38mrsh says:

Also I love your house decor & style!! 😍

38mrsh says:

I should probably go do my own power hour of cleaning instead of watching you clean 😂😉😬

Dee Depp says:

cute video you have a beautiful home cute home decor looks nice and clean and I'm laughing the little one with the broom trying to help so so cute and then the stick even cuter love the open spice rack in your kitchen looks good and once again cute home and what a beautiful little helper..

T. Ruth T says:

Soo sad that you have to work so hard ~ Thanks, for sharing, though & Hugs

Anna R says:

Great video as always 😊 ld love to see a deep cleaning with natural products!

Britt Schwei says:

thanks for giving me some motivation this morning! we had a 3 day weekend (snow day Friday) so my kids and husband were all home and after the 3 days it was a MESS. Monday i spent hours and hours organizing and cleaning each room all the laundry + bedding, plus the regular cleaning and making donation piles and such never even got to the mopping because it got so late! which is what im about to do now lol

Anas Murtaza says:

U look so smart having four kids it's awesome…I love ur plants..u r Beautiful..so organized n always have great ideas..

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