Starting Your Own Craft Business in 2017!

Starting Your Own Craft Business in 2017!

Hey guys! I hope this helped you out if you are looking to start your own craft business! It is definitely fun as it is rewarding!

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Rose Chavez says:

if you start a small business and end up making a website how to you come up with a name for your business

Amy Leona Masker says:

Thank you so much for this! I'm getting ready to launch in 2018. Hope your business is going well!

celainelove says:

Thank you so much!  I really needed this!

val hadfield says:

Crafters are great people, sharing so much information is so cool, thank you. Blessings

Lexus Adams says:

Thanks this really helped me know where I need to start😊

Urmi Zaman says:

Be sure to read Own Craft Business review on my blog before you buy. Go to stanleyreviews. com/own-craft-business-review/ Thanks. Lpd Alfonzo.

Betty Chung says:

Where do you get tags for your items?

Charity Chanel says:

Errr mah gawd! THANKS SO MUCH! I think I have a clue as to where I need to start! #youngentrepreneurs! 👍🏾❤️

Ashley Broussard says:

Hey girl great channel I subbed sub back check me out too pls would love to support each other channels

Proud Believer says:

Great tips thanks! I was thinking of selling stuff on etsy too.

tina101297 says:

pretty neat!

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