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Today is another fun day in the life video. This stay at home mom has some surprises in store for son and a father daughter dance. I am also teaming up with Jus by Julie to bring this video to you all. As you know this remodel we are doing we couldn’t use our kitchen for a while so its been fast food and eating out. So Jus is a cleanse 3 day drinks to get things back on track. The link is above along with a coupon code to save you 35% off.

This drink made me feel like I had more energy once I got out all that junk from my body. With that being said I felt better, less bloated and just over all great.

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Cathleen Weaver says:

Oh my, your daughter is so pretty in her 50s outfit. Love the white sweater, so 50s looking. When my kids were growing up there were no cell phones, and I worked very far from where we lived (single mom). So we had to rely on land lines which was not so bad while I was at work. But when I was traveling back and forth to work, it would have been so comforting if they could get a hold of me. So I said all that to say, good for you for getting your son a cell phone bc now he will be able to stay in touch. Love the way your house is turning out ❤💚💜💙💛

Tammy Macaluso says:

Love ❤️ your family !!

julie Ehrhardt says:

Oh my goodness your kid's are too cute and sweet ! Love you guys : )

Charissa Johnson says:

Awe !! What awesome siblings !! Neveah was SO happy for her brother !! Congrats on making the team , too !! That’s so exciting !

T K says:

Nevah was so cute with brother! I loved how excited she was. Ok I’m still watching and I haven’t read the comments but doing this Jus how long were you in the bathroom lol 😂 is this something someone working outside the home would need to do on a weekend? Lol I work in an office and feel it’s not something for the weekday but I’m anxious to try it

Antique Queen says:

How sweet ! Your kids are just adorable

Diana Reyes says:

You have lovely kids… your daughter hugging his brother for getting a cellphone (priceless 😍)

Not Just Mommy Time says:

The look on his face is so priceless..they are so cute.

Carolien Kruijning says:

Ah, so sweet how happy your daughter is for your son! Great kids (just like mine :p)

Pipers Daughter says:

omg your kids are soooo sweet!! your daughters reaction is so adorable! Love that shes so happy and excited for her brother! 🙂 good job mama style and daddy style for raising such grateful and amazing kids.

sk vl says:

Your son so emotional about his phone I love it😍. And his sis even more excited for him so sweet🤗
Neveah looks so pretty💗💖

DayToDayMom says:

Loved how N was so happy for him! So sweet! Raising good kiddos there!

Crystal Barrow says:

loved it friend i can't believe how big your kids are getting your daughter looks alot like you.

Meg Hoop says:

You're kids are the sweetest! This gives me so much motivation to film another day in the life with all 3 of my kiddos! Keep it up momma!

stephanie smith says:

Congratulations to your son for making the soccer team⚽️
Loved seeing his face with the phone surprise and your sweet daughter was so happy for him, brought tears to my eyes.
She looked so beautiful for her daddy/daughter dance. 🌸

Amy J says:

Congrats on making the team and the new phone. Kids take a lot of heat for phones but they really need them so we can stay in touch. Also, daddy daughter dances are so sweet!

Amie Copenhaver says:

Your kids are so sweet. My kids are grown now. It's always so nice to see well behaved, nice kids.

Brenda Tate says:

Danny was so excited to get that phone 📱. I think it was so sweet that Nevaeh was so happy for him. She looked beautiful! Thanks for sharing and have a great day!💁🏼

Victoria White says:

P.S HER shoes are adorable!!!

Carmela Horan says:

Your sons face was priceless, an you can see the love between him an his sister. So beautiful!

Mommyonthegoplustwo says:

I loved how Neveah hugged her brother. Your kids are so adorable and sweet. Congrats on the new phone and Soccer. ⚽️

Victoria White says:

I love that his sisters excited for him! Little surprised you didn’t get him a simpler more kid friendly phone but hey he loves it and as long as you feel its right that’s all that matters!

Hoosier Momma says:

How quickly do the drinks kick in? Congrats to Danny! Neveah is so happy for him. Sweet

Amanda Baias says:

Your kids are adorable. Their reactions and interaction are so sweet! Congratulations on making the team!

Judy OHara says:

Your children are awesome!!! She's as happy as he is❤❤❤

Mya Hoya says:

They sell spikes at Home Depot and Lowe’s to keep birds away.

Sandra 💋 says:

Awwww ur son is soooo adorable he was soooo happy that moment was definitely priceless ❤️

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