The stress and truth of being a Stay At Home Mom | Overwhelmed mom.

The stress and truth of being a Stay At Home Mom | Overwhelmed mom.

Hey beauties

I am soooo grateful to be a stay at home mom, and like most SAHM it can sometimes being a stay at home mom can be hard. I am stay at home mom of 3 beautiful children but like most children they can really keep you busy. Right now I am trying to finding a new routine with my children so the I can find that balance I need. But this video was just me express my truth as a stay at home mom. Though I am home with my children I still have purpose and God still have a plan for my life. I don’t trust daycares so again I happy to be able to take care of my children. I hope if you feeling overwhelmed you find peace in this season.



Nelo's Halo says:

Thanks for sharing. It is hard being a stay at home mum and i think there is a misconception about that situation. Like you barely have time for yourself. the plus side is it makes me more organised and have better time management cos i know my time is not mine. Just subscribed. Hope you sub back to my parenting channel too

Derrika Mayers says:

please do more tag videos and more q and a every 2 times a week or month and do daily vlogs please i want to see every thing going on in your day if you do not mind

Derrika Mayers says:

you should call it wife and family or life with and your last name at the end you should have 2 channel this one is about your family and the next one is about you that is a good idea

Rita O'Bryant says:

I so see you and I love your channel i pretty much binge on your videos all day today and you me such inspiration I been out work for year and I been feeling a mess until my younger set of children was happy to come home to me lol 😂 but I am here for you and I so get you stay Blessed subscribed yesterday and notifications on and the first person I decided to follow on Instagram I know watching you will help lol 😂 at fifty I need all the help I can get so keep the faith Sis you doing it

Ohmsbeasley says:

Girl I was just expressing my frustrations about this.

Creativeflaviagro says:

Great video happy to find ur channel thumbs up dearest

Maddie and True says:

Thank you for being honest and real! You said it, some days are easier than others. I am a stay-at-home mom of one child. I had to leave my job and move to a new city where I knew no one but my baby and my boyfriend. Balance is so key, I was stubborn in the beginning, I didn't want to get my son on a schedule…I didn't want to feel like he runs me, but in all actuality a structured schedule created so much balance in life. Oh yeah and Trader Joes is a moms best friend lol! Thank you for being a positive woman of God! YASS prayers for strategy, that's good!! You are beautiful stay motivated, can't wait to see the direction of your new channel! I am a new YouTuber and videos like these keep me going! I hope we can connect and stop by my channel when you can 🙂

Keri Kavali says:

I TOTALLY connect with you here. As a fellow sahm the feelings are mutual and YouTube has become a means to grow in my passion for sharing an encouraging other women like me… like us.

We all get overwhelmed at times. This is the ying and yang of life. Everything you have said , I feel like I've said to my husband or think about constantly.

I wish we were near each other. I'd sooo meet up for a mommy lunch and chat.

You are a strong mommy. And I feel you on wanting your brand to be bigger. You got business goals and a movement in your future. That's exactly what I'm doing with TheImperfectHousewifeThrives.

Whatever it is, we are in the best situation to go for our goals. We can literally build a business and work from home. It may be super tough and overwhelming … but … WE GOT THIS!!!

Much love sis (I hope you don't mind I call u that),

K.kavali <3

Mela Lynn says:

I NEEDED to see this. I always feel like I’m the only one feeling overwhelmed as a SAHM. If I don’t get everything done I feel like I failed. But when I go non stop cleaning and doing housework and not take time to myself, I feel a depression set in and I don’t feel like myself. So refreshing to see someone I can relate to so well. Love this!! ❤️

Mama Sisi says:

I understand a little bit. I work but I am still expected to come home and do everything.. but that’s another story. Just remember you are a strong women. YT is definitely an outlet. I hope to make more connections on here esp with other moms. Stay beautiful!

FFAR says:

Thanks for keeping it real and I totally understand. Keep encourage sis and you are a great mommy. I also understanding branding and going beyond YouTube and Instagram I know this feeling all so well. Walk in faith and not by sight.

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