The TRUTH About Being A Stay At Home Mom | My Experience So Far

The TRUTH About Being A Stay At Home Mom | My Experience So Far

My experience with being a sahm

I quit my job for youtube & to be a stay at home mom

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Jenny White Our Appalachian Life says:

Yassss! I totally feel you! 💯% It’s hard. I try my best to live in the monument. Enjoy my children while their still babies. They are only little for a short while.

Derrika Mayers says:

i think you should work at home in home day care or baby sitting you could do foster care you need a little girl come on do girl things go to mom group and play group to find mom friends

Toni G. says:

I am a first time sahm with a 5 month old. Listening to your video just made me feel not alone. I live in NYC and i thought i could find more sahm that would be willing to get together sometimes. However, schedules and children can make it a bit of a challenge.

Good luck

Annie Benjamin says:

Jesus is the way and the life. I think you should take this time to get to know the king of all kings. God bless you.

Some Random Mom says:

I get my girls at 9am no matter what.

I make a quick breakfast like oatmeal or just cereal (I'd prefer fruit often but I never buy it frequently enough)

Homeschool time at about 10:30am

Afterwards movie time or music time so that I can clean.

12pm lunch time

Afterwards time to listen to music or tv time (I use my tv more than I'd like at the moment)

1pm nap time for my 1 1/2 year old.

From 1-4pm I can either get a nap in while my 2 1/2 year old is in bed with me or I paint, read or record a YouTube video. I used to have activities for my little one during this time but I'm too tired from my pregnancy.

4pm my 1 year old gets up

Afterwards snack time and music/ tv time while I cook dinner

6:30pm dinner time

7:30pm bath time (every other night)

8pm – I IS FREE!!!!

9pm- family night with husband and old boys

10pm- time with husband

11-1am my bad habit of trying to have some alone time with myself as I deprive myself of sleep.

Days later I will feel like I don't know what the heck am I doing with my life because my schedule isn't perfect

JaNay Said It says:

your right ! I have a one year old son and girllll it's a full time job and I get depressed sometimes because I feel like something is missing .

& I had to sub because you speaking the truth ✊

msbrooklyntv says:

you could make a schedule like one day you go to the park with your son one day you go to the library one day you go to the mall your bored due to the fact you miss interacting with adults although you do enjoy being home with your son have you thought about going back to work 2 days a week? i remember you saying you have a special program at your job

Ipaintprettyfaces says:

Thanks for sharing your experience

blessed nt says:

Thanks for sharing, great vlog.

Alicia Motley says:

truest video I've ever seen! straight factz. its no joke being a mother. We all need breaks sis lol 😘

Davy_Simz says:

honey I have three kids four including my stepson all under the age of 4. I swear everything you said is my life. my husband works overtime and has a full time job. I just left my job too because of child care and I miss it because it gave me something to do too, and social interaction besides my kids lol. I like to take my kids to the park, or jumparoos it is a cheap indoor bounce playground, or do exercises with them in the house. my husband can never do what I do he freaks out our job is 3 full time jobs plus overtime lol

Tammy B. Jones says:

I told you you will go through it at first. depression kicks in. you should get a house hold budget and a personal allounce. schedule what days for laundry schedule what days for park and schedule meals for the week you sleep when he sleeps. schedule your exercise. I had suggested you did all household work during the morning wake up before your son. and might I suggest he go to daycare twice a week half days verse once a week a whole day. girl get your life. I'm spoil. my daughter in highschool my hubby does laundry and he cooks weekends. he also keep our bathroom clean because he likes having something to do at home. he also loves to grocery shop. I get 100.00 per week blow money. do tend to my personal wants.

ANGIEfromAtoZ says:

I'm a stay at home mom and it can be very challenging I can relate so much to this video my husband works all the time as well and my daughter is 2 and a half and is going through the terrible twos I remind my self every day that even though being a stay at home mom isn't easy all the time it's fulfilling and I get to see my daughters first everything experience all the new things she's learning to say and do she goes to parks and the nursery at church every Sunday to socialize with other kids and will be going to pre k soon twice a week so that will definitely be giving me some very needed free time but my routine advice is to keep it simple the times I feel a little depressed I put my daughter in the stroller and go for a good walk put my head phones on and jam out to some good music

Tiffany Strickland says:

I became a stay at home mom and single mom about 10 months ago when my son turned 1. Initially, since he was still a baby, it was easier because he wasn't getting into a lot of stuff so he was happy with cuddling, singing and playing. I didn't have to cook him a lot of food because he had such a small appetite. About 6 weeks into me being a SAHM, I started school FT in the evenings so I would leave the house without my son 2x/week. I found that when school died down, that I was getting a little depressed from not having constant things to do. So I got a gym membership, every morning going to my Zumba class and dropping my son off at the kid's zone at the gym makes my day. I get to do something for myself that makes me happy and is good for me healthwise. I also started going out maybe once or twice a month. Sometimes I would take my son too and go and visit my GFs or something as simple as going to Chick Fil A. Other times I would go out for some adult time and my son would stay home with his glamma. And that evening time without my son was rejuvenating for me and really helped in lifting up my spirits.

As far as our schedule goes…wake up & lay in bed a little bit then do our morning routine (brushing teeth, washing face etc), then either go straight to the gym or have breakfast, if we didn't eat breakfast before the gym we would have breakfast when we came home, I would shower and do some type of learning activity for 20-30 mins (my son is in speech therapy). Then I would prepare lunch while he plays independently (sometimes he wants me to hold him so he can see what is going on with the stove or I give him my phone and let him watch youtube kids videos), naptime (I do schoolwork and cleanup while he naps) when he wakes up we go outside or do some more learning activities. I let him play independently for a few hours and I do schoolwork or watch some TV, feed him dinner do some more learning activities and then bed. On days when he has therapy I typically move my gym time to the evening or if we need to go to the store I do that right after he wakes up from his afternoon nap. In my state, they have "parents as teachers groups" where you can take your child to play with other kids and be able to interact with other adults (maybe they have that in NE)

This comment was super long, but hopefully, it gives you some ideas or at the very least you know you aren't alone in the SAHM struggle.

Diamond Doll says:

Yes its a lot it can be very stressful but like I said planning can be very helpful. Being a stay at home mom its a job itself its a nonstop job I been there it make you feel like your close from the outside world. But planning something can be very helpful. And when your use to making your own money it wil bother you.

Kandi Kouture says:

being a stay at home mom is way more rough than being a working mom. I did it for 2 years and I was so happy 2 get back to work. some ppl don't realize how tough it is. getting on a routine will 4 sure help u.

Crystal's Mommy Life says:

Girl I've done it with two kids and it's very hard. Getting out helps alot. I can't lie even more i with full time and being a mom is still hard, I'm either boss and my employees need something or I'm mom and my kids always need something or I'm bay and Lord they are like big kids girl. Just getting some me time is the only way to feel better. It didn't matter what plan you have off routine you still need some you time or you will go crazy and be depressed. Girl and it's nothing like having our own so i understand that part as well

HeresMyBit says:

the main thing that gets me through stay at hom mom life is plan plan plan schedule schedule schedule lol. I work it like a job. wake up certain time. breakfast certain time. self dedicated play or learning DVD certain time(that's my 15 in work world lol) nap certain time(I clean then).everything scheduled itll help you stay sane

HeresMyBit says:

have you talked to your husband about maybe working a little less?especially if the income isn't nessecarily make or break to the household. loneliness really can have a cancerous effect on your relationship.

Sava Adventures says:

Hi Victoria,you have beautiful lips……….Excellent looks !!!

Ms CeeTheBeautyDiva says:

I'm not a stay at home mom yet lol (I was a stay at home wife up until recently) and it was a hard transition because I worked since I was a teenager before that because you're used to working. I do have alot of friends who's stay at home mother's also who also had a hard time in the beginning. But once they got used to it, it got much easier for them.

mrsjoneslovinglife jones says:

I use to be a stay at home mom and I hated lol I know that's sound mean but it's real husband is a awesome man bought me any and everything I wanted….the worries just wouldn't leave my mind..I guess I'm a control freak …so I always worried about things I had no control that I'm back working ..I'm very at peace and happy within ..I was a stay at home mom for 6 years ..I work just part-time now just to enjoy both worlds lol I love it!!

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