VLOG How to Start Your Own Cabling Business

VLOG How to Start Your Own Cabling Business

Ever wondered how to start your own business in the cabling business? Jim talks about common pitfalls business owners might run into while starting a new business.



Edgar Gutierrez says:

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LV Cable Technologies says:

Great video Jim! Keep up the great work!

Aaron Davis says:

Excellent video Jim! Thanks for the information. Now it's time for me to find somewhere I can get that contractors license for California.

Much success to you my friend! Cheers

Barclays says:

Great Video Jim

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Thx. Appreciate any advises

David Hughes says:

You sound like a good mentor thanks for the advice Jim that's valuable information.

Moji Karimi says:

Thanks for the time and effort you leave for us,i really loved ur 4epesiodes about the telecommunication,i hope to see more video about telecom,and i wish i could find the secret of being successfull like you are at this age not when i get elder,with all the respect,as i mentioned again thanks for the time and ur expriences

Blackjack4141 says:

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Eric B says:

Another thing to consider is whether or not your going to be a union shop as well. In my state chances are your not going to get any larger contracts or clients if your not union, as the IBEW yields a lot of influence here.

Back in the 90's I worked for a small cabling company, we only had one client but they were huge, a fortune 200 company. We were union, CWA but it didn't matter, one day their IBEW electrical contractor decided they wanted our work and boom a week later we were out of business. After 3 years of doing excellent work and far, far cheaper then any electrical contractor could we were out the door. So one of the largest companies in the US wouldn't even stand up to the IBEW, it just wasn't worth it too them.

Most businesses aren't going to risk hiring a non union company, especially in a new construction environment. As soon as the electricians see you pulling any cable, and are not union, they will walk off the job along with the carpenters, plumbers, etc. 

Just seems like way too any headaches involved in starting your own cabling business.

Angel Menendez says:

Very nice advise Jim. Is really common sense but seems like people don't pay attention to the basics anymore! Admire your type!  🙂

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