Want To Start Your Own Business? Learn Social Media Marketing…

Want To Start Your Own Business? Learn Social Media Marketing…

Learn How To Start Your Own Social Media Marketing Agency

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wordsin mybrain says:

I hv 300.00 to my name

Hendrix W says:

Waaiit what 19 y/o makin 70 grand a month? I wanna talk to them lmao

Shubham Sakharkar says:

7.9 million views 46 comments and 240 likes

Isn't it suspicious.. its paid promotion… Why YouTube..

Shubham Sakharkar says:

Tai lopez is just a asshole…

Micah Bratt says:

Thanks Tai!

LuckyNewb Vlogs says:

7.3 million views? Damn I’m jealous

junk78665e44 says:

fucktard on self promo pills

Aryano Boy says:

U Definitely figured out how to get views on YouTube.noooice.

Lone man says:

7miilion views in 8 minutes sounds looks like a successful ad

koko codak says:

How did he reposted the video !!!?

blake llewellyn says:

How tf did you just updated this 30 mins ago and you already have over 7milion views

Garen1 says:

Why reuploads?

Takaaki Ishikawa says:

Thank you Ty

Endlessmike says:

7.8 mill in 8 minutes 😮😮😮

jonnie gross says:

I’m moving to LA on April 10th I don’t usually ask for help but could you please help me I’m looking for any work at all to help me out when I get there I understand your busy and probably won’t see this but thank you for reading it if you do

INVESTING HUSTLER - Stocks and money making videos says:

Damn bro how u get so many views . Thanks for spreading knowledge bro 😱

Erfan Tabrizi says:

Wow, 8 mil in 20 minutes, so this was an ad?

AxeWorld says:

Was this an unlisted ad or what?

Pall z says:

7M views in 8 minutes, how you know it’s an ad lmao

Josh Dolan says:

Exactly what I did learning from you and others online Tai! Thanks for inspiring me and giving great advice! I quit my job last year doing this!!! Now going to start to give others free advice on YouTube on how I made it happen within months!

Kalvin Payne says:

Your results with your course have been amazing! Can’t wait to get started to add some results to my personal brand!

Reshad says:

How does he already have almost 8 mil views on this when it was just uploaded?

Madi Bendy says:

I’m hoping to have my own business someday. Thanks for the tips 😊

Cody Valentino says:

Why is all your old shit showing up like its a never before seen video?

Jaime Higuera says:

Word. That tip is key, thank you Tai ⚡️

MamaMia903 says:

Tye is right because I will definitely pay someone to help do our social media marketing.

I am too old to try to go back and figure this stuff out but I want my business to thrive!!

Anyone interested can hit me up on Facebook private message Mia Small

BrandonTezenoTV says:

I'm still trying to make at least $1,000 a month and people doing this. Smh.😔

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