What Is Going on With Target? // stay at home mom vlog // Mommy Etc

What Is Going on With Target? // stay at home mom vlog // Mommy Etc

I went to Target today and it made me really start thinking about the store as a whole my feelings on it in comparison to Walmart. Check out the links below and please SUBSCRIBE!
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Courtney O says:

We've actually had so many new Targets popping up where we live, theyre doing very well! Might depend on where you live 🙂 I dont think theyre doing badly at all, I think theyre just trying to stay relevant. If a company fails to change with the times, they disappear….like…cough…TRU. 🙁

malabooluvu says:

Target used to have a great women’s clothing section. Now the clothing section it’s all geared towards a working /office women NOT anything casual and cute anymore …

The Guerro Family!! says:

I have not really gone to target much in my little town we dont have one.

lex linda says:

I have a tip for the little hairs that stick up, it’s weird but it works lol. I use a toothbrush and a little gel or hairspray and brush them into the rest of my hair! It helps to keep them flat:)

Melissa P says:

I love target for my daughters clothes and prefer theirs over Walmart. I haven't been in the clothes section since around Christmas though. I hope their brands stay the same!

Sara Fehr says:

Hi yeah I like Walmart to All the vlogs I watch go to target but i feel like the find good stuff but I’m not a target Person I been there maybe four times in my whole life

prisy305 says:

Do you use the Target app? it was called cartwheel, there is always discounts available on there for EVERYTHING, I find Target cheaper than Walmart for a lot of things, because they have sales and you can use the target app as well.

Jackie Nice says:

I feel like a lot of people don't know this- but you can price match at Target! So if you find the same item on Amazon for cheaper, you can check out at customer service and price match it for the Amazon price. I do it all the time! Such a convienience especially when I need something right away! Target is always A+ for quality vs Walmart in my book 👍🏻

Stacy L says:

Jill get the Lysol laundry sanitizer! It’s awesome. Glad to see the hair towel is back 🤣

Phylicia Barlow says:

I think Target will go under if they don’t lower prices. I see so many of their groceries and household items that are, like you said, up to $1 more than Walmart. I feel like Toys R Us went out of business because they overpriced everything. At Christmas, Toys R Us had Pokémon cards BOGO 40% off which seems like a great deal, right?? The cards on my boys’ lists came to $240 with the sale so I decided I might as well double check Amazon… $180 for the same exact cards without the sale. 🤷🏻‍♀️

kelseyandfamily says:

I don’t like some of targets new brands either. Or their women’s clothes.. 😒 also, the kids leggings, my kids put holes in them SO quick now 😫

Patricia Droddy says:

Great video! I 'm sorry that things didn't work out with Target. Maybe you'll have better luck next time with another store like Walmart. As for Target; I wouldn't be surprised if Target goes too.

Mommy Etc says:

If you could only shop at one or the other: Target or Walmart? I think you know what I would pick 😂

Chrissy Ree says:

Target is remodeling all their stores. It looks like they haven’t done yours yet. Target is definitely scared because Amazon is putting everyone out of business because people just shop online now.

Babblinghousewife says:

Walmart is life . I bought a glass cleaner at target and then today i saw it at Walmart and it was half the price I was so mad ! And the kids clothes at Walmart are amazing

Babblinghousewife says:

That’s all ur hair growing back after u lost post preg ! Few months it will all blend in

Destiny Rivas says:

Cloud island is the new brand for baby circo is no longer being carried at target and theres a bunch of new brands. I work at target so if you have any more questions let me know❤️ btw love your videos ❤️❤️❤️

Daretta Black says:

Sorry about Target, I don’t normally shop at Target I shop at Walmart. Your dinner looked really yummy!!!! Chase answering you made me laugh,he’s growing up so fast…..💞😊

Allison Smith says:

Get those washcloths on Amazon! Chase is starting to look a LOT like Madison 💕

Allison Smith says:

I have those hairs as well- so annoying!!!

Katie Baer says:

your blessed sign would be cute above the pictures 🙂

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