Why Affiliate Marketing is the Best FIRST Business for Beginners!

Why Affiliate Marketing is the Best FIRST Business for Beginners!

In this video, I share 5 reasons why I believe that Affiliate Marketing is the best FIRST business model to start with for beginners who want to learn how to make money online in 2018. I also announce the launch of my first FREE affiliate marketing mini-course.

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Affiliate marketing is a fantastic business opportunity for people who want to learn how to make money online in 2018 through passive income. I strongly believe that affiliate marketing is the BEST online business to start for anyone, due to minimal to no investment and unlimited upside and earning potential.




Mike Valle says:

What's up Odi 💪
I chose Affiliate Marketing because thanks to your videos I discovered the new style of succeeding in Affiliate Marketing and I honestly believe that a lot of people don't know how to fully maximize through this, a lot of people don't build brands through Affiliate Marketing like you do and that leaves endless amount of opportunity in Affiliate Marketing it's not as "popular" as Amazon FBA , Shopify, or even Crypto … Affiliate Marketing is underrated !! I'm so dedicated to this I took your course and just dropped my updated YT videos this past Monday and will be doing so in a consistent basis , got a review video on your course and already got a course sale my brotha 🙌
IG username is : mikevalleofficial
(You might remember me bro you gave me a shout out on IG around 3 days ago)
Thanks again man!! Best Teacher ever for sure 👌

LLGMW says:

Just been introduced to affiliate marketing this year, it seems like a low-risk high reward way of getting passive income. I'm hoping that by investing in myself through this I can pull myself out of the hole I've dug trying to educate myself for jobs that didn't exist.

Mike Reyes says:

I see affiliate marketing as way to a way to make income and use that money to build an Empire

Davy Cortez says:

Odi, I really appreciate you sharing your perspective of this business for beginners. I'm just beginning to make myself familiar with different opportunities of entrepreneurship. Great video. Thank you.

Richard Grissom says:

I think affiliate marketing is the best business to get into because it’s passive nature, and how easily it can supplement your brand or other business ventures to monetize from all angles. If you have a skill or strong passion for something, you can get paid for that directly, and by becoming an authoritative figure in that industry. Just like yourself with your production company, which can be translated to industries like real estate, music, fashion, etc!

King Corso says:

How is it going ODi? My reason for choosing affiliate marketing is because I want to gratify my means of success.

Jan Uroda says:

1st of all is that you can start without any money and thats the biggest problem for everyone in the start money. So huge plus. Another reason is that you can learn all you need to start properly. 3rd awesome reason is that you can sell everything you buy. Say what? If you buy a course from da silva 4 exe. you can sell it and get commision for every course you sell, and even build new revenue stream. You can multiply that always and make so muuch revenue streams that you buy lambo and porsch 😛 that's 3 best reasons to start with, but there is much more.

Role Pena says:

Dan dasilva rocks… he has a free shopify course too

Buy or Not buy says:

Hey odi can you tell how much you were making when you had only your youtube channel to promote your links
Ig username : pro_croper

Jakub Jakub says:

I use this website to earn extra cash online https://csl.ink/3KJa I think I would recommend it.

Steph Stans Talent says:

Hellooo~ I prefer affiliate marketing because it fits the lifestyle I see myself having in the future. I like the idea that I don’t need to do always need to work and still get money coming in. LOW RISK, as a college student I don’t think I can afford to take huge risk. I think it’s a great way to build a personal brand. Say I make a Youtube channel for affiliate marketing and then I can build and audience and branch out to maybe a personal channel or the other types of channels i would like to do. I’m gonna have to really put some work in in the beginning but it’s worth it if i can later live with more peace of mind.
oh. IG:gyeom_yuu

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