Why MGTOW are wrong about stay-at-home moms (response to Colttaine)

Why MGTOW are wrong about stay-at-home moms (response to Colttaine)

Response video to this video:
https://youtu.be/rJGdw20pNgQ – Domestic Parasitism

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The little clip about women’s intelligence was from this MUCH BETTER video:



Rich Jackson says:

Now give it to him in Bulgarian. I can't help but think it would sound great.

nickyiil says:

Youth AH youth! so much energy, all of misspent, so little sense. But then if they had any other mindset we would be extinct by now.
It takes a hormone driven idiot to decide children are good idea. By the time you know better its too late.
As for Stacy's victim of the week. Dude, check your math next time,.go out and ask some people with families, don't assume.
There are always hidden costs in everything.
You kinda reminded me of old Carl. He wanted the workers in the factories to actually run the factories.
Not being one himself and not having spoken to one or several hilarity ensued. Until some idiots took his book seriously. Then it became a tragedy.
Don't assume, ask. its one of the less painful ways we humans have of finding shit out.

Jman TruthSeeker says:

in what part of this video Stacy do you explain your sympathies for men in any way whatsoever?
you have a very one-sided View. I'm fine with hearing multiple points of view but it's just plain boring when you can't show that you understand any point other than your own if you showed some understanding people would love you instead you want division why?

King Bugs says:

The doctor makes 100k more than this guy a year, which is apparently 200k, and this along with how he claims to only make average wages and being an average guy, with multiple motorcycles and cars, a house, and generally lives very comfortably? It really makes me wonder.

Analyzing Male Slavery says:

Stay at home mothers are taking their men for a ride.


Women are not prepared to reverse the roles, I wonder why>

Jman TruthSeeker says:

This is perfect every time you're picture pops up I just fast forward and get to the actual point!
you have no rational thought you pathetic excuse for a human being what a waste of consciousness….. just kidding but for real I started letting the video just play to see your points but you have none very one-sided

AKAGlenn says:

The ignorance of this man, lmao! He completely overlooks the emotional aspects of a relationship/ family, and how many choices are made with a certain amount of self sacrifice for the ones you love. Happiness or quality of life isn't something you should measure by the amount of possessions currently in your garage.
Enjoyed your video Stacy, keep it up! 😀

Stephen Vassilev says:

Hi there little MGTOW cunts… just to let you know bitches 😀 You cry for equality or fucking TCP 3-Way handshake… Let me explain to you beavis and butt-head there is no such thing as equality and inferiority at once, but SYN, SYN-ACK, ACK… woosah fucking shitheads… In Cyrillic alphabet… Да ви еба мамата проста… мама ви да еба шибана, прости джендъри 😀 Now let's summarize I'm very disappointed how many pretend to be alphas, but do not deserve even beta's rank 😀 Cheers faggots 🙂 … Motherfuckers 😀 I borrow that by Samuel L. Jackson…, but it is still valid though 😀

lloydgush says:

I'm sorry, but being a stay at home mom/dad is a luxury with little to no economic sense.
Yeah, a lot of professions modernized, but then it meant a lot of people lost their jobs and that the proportional amount of people in the field went way down, like coal.
Stay at home parenting isn't like that, the amount of productive workload maintained, which doesn't mean helicopter moms aren't a thing, they just aren't productive, but helicopter moms and overcleaning are a product of boredom because people aren't as lazy as people think.
Goddamn, the amount of women I saw go crazy because of that choice they think will make their life so much better and more comfortable is astonishing. That's where he's wrong, those women aren't being malicious, they are frequently just being dumb as humans tend to be.
See goddamn judgy bitch, the moron has the nerve to call herself a stay at home mom while writing books, in the end one dies of boredom.

Misogyny Man says:

So did google completely disable notifications for replies now or what? Not getting a single notification today, and comments are disappearing as well. Not sure if its all of youtube or just on this video.

The Rambler says:

Anger turns people into very irrational beings.

Peter Wright says:

There's always a shitload of data left out of Colttaine's videos that, if included, would skew his "conclusions" dramatically. In short he cherry picks an assumption, then dresses that bias up in data.

His piece on female beauty via the figure of Venus/Aphrodite was a perfect example. As a long-term classicist I've read a lot about what's considered female beauty to the Greeks and Romans and beyond, and what he omitted from that discussion was that each Goddess represented a different form of beauty to the society; eg. Demeter represented a certain kind of naturalistic beauty related to a nurturing quality (thicker hair, and often a little larger in body that Aphrodite), Artemis represented a neotenic, youthful kind of female beauty that was a little tomboyish, while Hera , or Hestia (girl-next-door beauty) etc. etc, had their beauty represented in yet different ways again.

Did he mention the 'beauty' contest in myth between Athene, Aphrodite and Hera, or the sculptured and painted representations of same? Nope. Only focused on Aphrodite's THOT beauty. Yawn. He could have read Paul Friedrich's scholarly examination of the beauty aspects of each classical Goddess in the book "The Meaning of Aphrodite" ….. but nope.

Has he never seen an attractive man with a good salary who prefers an ample bodied, motherly 'Demeter' style woman? A common enough preference for Oedipal men who like motherly types….. such men are not Aphrodite-seekers and they exist in large enough numbers to be counted.

As per always Colttaine cherry picked a Goddess – Venus – that gave him confirmation bias. Every single one of his videos falls foul of the same problem. Yes there's some good and accurate bits in his vids, but the take home is almost always a very skewed, partial, or downright incorrect of the facts.

As for the stay-at-home moms I know, a smaller percentage of them are obsessive-compulsive house cleaners who cook breakfast and dinner every day for her man and who look after children, who will labor and find new tasks when they run out others. Or they may not be OCD but educated to contribute labor to the family unit.

Colttaine is more right than wrong on his generalizations about stay-at-home wives (there are a LOT of lazy fuck entitled 'home makers' who do jack shit all day), but you have spied some valid glosses in his pitch – such as that bathrooms still need cleaning and meals cooking, along with children needing care etc., and that some women, albeit rare, still view home labor as a reciprocal and necessary contribution. On that score I'm inclined to combine the two pitches of Colttaine and Stacey to get a more complete picture.

SpeakDahTruth says:

Stfu cunt, why do you even care what MGTOW has to say? I thought we were all losers that were hurt and couldn’t get laid. So why waste your time making a 22 minute video response to what one of us has to say? Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying you shouldn’t be making this video, you can make whatever videos you want but I just don’t get why you would make a long video on virgin losers that are hurt and hate women as a result. Whatever points you made in this video don’t mean shit, at the end of the matter a man will save a lot more money and won’t have to make anywhere near as much by avoiding women, marriage and kids altogether. End of

lacucaracha111111 says:

is that fucknugget really comparing DINK to SI+K ?

Mark Msadala says:

My mind is blown, never at anytime did I look at colttaine's arguments from the perspectives you presented. I guess that is just how it is when there is an element of confirmation bias. well, nice video madam.

Dead Guy says:

Stacy is a little angry. Must be red pill rage.

Man Splainer says:

What utter horseshite. Monogamy is the tactic used by conservatives, women, liberals, brainwashed men, the state and religion to corral men into marriage to men's detriment. Men get ZERO through marriage but pain, grief and and early death. Who loses the most if men opt out of marriage and monogamy entirely? The answer is quite simple – women and her state master.

Catholicism was rejected by people for centuries due to its promotion of women to a god like status. Catholicism was so hated because of its promotion of gynocentrism through the veneration of the Virgin Mary. Now Catholicism and Christianity as a whole are abused by gynocentrists (closeted feminists) through the history distorting great deception that women were/are the oppressed. Why do you think the Catholic leadership capitulates to gynocentric demands and promotes socialism? Nothing could be further from the truth as women are the most privileged – and they know it – and are getting more privileged with each day that passes. Now, women are both the grim reapers of life and arbiters of death through mass abortion – thanks to hyper-gynocentrism (feminism). Women are not sugar, spice or anything nice. Feminism simply exposed women's true, entitled, narcissistic, manipulative, cunning, appropriating natures and penchant for male human sacrifice on women's and her state lover's own behalf. Ironically – feminism broke the social conditioning of gynocentrism while working to demean and denigrate masculinity. That's why feminists insist men have zero right to define femininity and yet spend the majority of their time attempting to shape and reshape masculinity in that which works best for women's and her state keeper's interests and keeps men in their lowly, disposable positions at the altar of matriarchal concerns.

Men psychologically and physically abhor monogamy – which is why there's so much religious and political effort put into phrases such as 'man up' and why women deem men that can't support them financially as unworthy. That's why conservatives claim that the whole problem is women's mistake of making sex 'too cheap'. They literally posit in that statement that men pay for sex through marriage – because men do pay for sex through marriage. Women need men's protection, provision and resources to keep the earth populated so that the state has protection against their rivals. Religious and political leaders recognized this difference between men and women long ago and it was either men being socially conditioned into monogamy or the state picking up women's tab on their own. It's from whence all past and present man taxes emanate – with Title IX, Affirmative Action, No-Fault Divorce, Alimony, Asset Division and Child support representing some of the most recent of man taxes. MeToo and Affirmative Consent are simply the modern method of revoking men's rights to presumption of innocence and due process, getting men to fear sex with women except through marriage, with the end goal being the corralling of men into monogamy and marriage (forced wealth and power transfer for women's and her state lover's safety and welfare).

Marxism -> feminism -> socialism -> communism. Women are socialists in panties. The leftist media is the propaganda outlet of their desire for appropriation and colonization of masculine achievements – particularly those of male Caucasian ancestry. Once I got women out of my life to the extent possible – I discovered how much money I could save and how better I might prosper – for women are the masters of appropriation.

Women thrive through con artistry, manipulation, hypocrisy, double standards and appropriation of men's lives and masculine achievements. That building you live in? Built and maintained by men. That building you work in? Built and maintained by men. The roads you drive on? Built and maintained by men. The cities feminists march upon? Built and maintained by men. The nation you live in? Built by, maintained by, fought for and died for through the trafficking, exploitation and disposal of common men's lives for women's and her state lover's safety and welfare.

I'm the most fortunate man to have ever lived. Why? Because I understand female nature and feminist appropriation of masculine accomplishments (theft). Because I understand that women don't want equality, but rather 'equity' (socialism). Because I understand that marriage is the legal and financial enslavement of men to women and her state husbandry (socialism/equity). Because I know that men built and maintained all upon the earth, not women. Because I recognize men's lives were/are trafficked, exploited and disposed of in war for women's safety and welfare (human sacrifice). Because I understand that feminism is the simple appropriation of masculine achievements (socialism). Because I understand Affirmative Consent and VAWA are feminist’s way of revoking men’s rights to presumption of innocence and due process. Because I understand no-fault divorce is feminist's way (NAWL) of redistributing wealth and power from men to women and her state boyfriend through alimony, asset division and child support. Because I understand that MeToo is yet another attempt by feminists to brand masculinity as toxic by projecting women’s sins upon men – pretending that women don’t sell themselves to men through their sexuality – for the purposes of manipulating masculinity into that which better serves women and her state enforcers. Because I understand gynocentrism, courtly love, chivalry, male disposability and cultural misandry and know how they're used to guilt and shame men (shaming language) into their own demise on women's and her state father's behalf (human sacrifice).

I am truly the most fortunate man to have ever lived – because I understand the manipulative ways of women, her man-sacrificing state keeper and our misandric world. Feminists sparked women's sexual revolution so that women could have sex like men – free and easy. Upon realizing women were losing money in the deal and that women were suffering as a result – feminists began to promote Amish feminism so that more women might be paid for sex through marriage, no-fault divorce, alimony, asset division and child support – which were all of course created by feminists for women’s appropriation of masculine accomplishments and men’s disposal (see NAWL).

What do feminists and minority groups like blm and antifa promote? White hate, cop hate, masculinity hate, America hate, Constitution hate, borders hate and all desire but one thing: the appropriation of white male achievements (socialism/theft). Mass immigration into white male dominated nations is in fact the appropriation and colonization of white male accomplishments. Feminism is in fact the appropriation and colonization of masculine accomplishments. What's the goal of minority groups like antifa/blm and feminists? Destruction of the patriarchy (the destruction of white male power and wealth). Feminists and minority groups like blm and antifa simply project their acts of sexism, appropriation, racism and colonization on to whites and males.

Feminists aren’t men’s worst enemies – they’re women’s worst enemies. Minority groups like blm and antifa aren’t white’s worst enemies – they’re minorities worst enemies. Whites and males will simply deny the white haters and man haters their cooperation and support- as they've to some extent already done.

Only when one understands the purpose behind such abominable social conditioning can one learn to protect themselves from said social brainwashing and the legal, financial and personal atrocities against men they're designed to promote.

Hitler: "The Future is White!"
Hillary: "The Future is Female!"

It really doesn't get any clearer than that. The majority of women voted for Hillary because Hillary promised women the future was theirs. When you understand this – you understand female nature – that of masculinity appropriation and male human sacrifice on women's and the state's behalf.

The conservative ideal, supposedly but not in reality, requires that all take responsibility and cooperate and that people dispense with the deep, blatant hypocrisy and double standards so indicative of leftist identity politics (anarchy/feminism/marxism/socialism/communism). It's why the left so vehemently rebels against it; for they don't want to take responsibility – they want only for the colonization and appropriation of other's achievements – particularly white male achievements. It's the same reason many conservative women are closeted feminists.

Anything that requires the left to admit that their shite indeed stinks is going to be strongly rebuked by the white haters and man haters. Many a conservative woman is a closeted feminist – a secret they'll take to their deaths. It is these closeted conservative women that exact the most punishing destruction upon men and masculinity – for they lay in wait like a spider in her lair. White females championed feminism. The conservative ERA battle sought to give women all their privilege without any of the life destroying responsibilities assigned to the disposable males the various religions worked so diligently to create.

It is all one gigantic deception by women and her state 'patriarchy' ally against common men. Feminism and gynocentrism are male human sacrifice personified. MGTOW is the way for men. Starve the beast that beats you.

Xagura Yiazmat says:

Sorry but I got agreed with Colttaine. Having and a wife and kids = No freedom for man. A man without wife and a kids = freedom and more money for himself. Not trying to be an ass. I do like stay home wive but I'm not going to risk my life or be a provider or protecter. Peace.

Brian Riley says:

I agree his position is weak, given what he's presented, but your rebuttal is also weak.

Overall, I fall on the side of Coltaine… but my decision on this is anecdotal, I've had a stay at home wife/mother (2 kids, married 10 years, none of which she worked outised the home).

Her 'job' wasn't hard, I can guarantee that. She had at least 4-5 hours off during the day while the kids were in day care / preschool, with which she did not do any of the things you claim you do.

This is where I agree with Coltaine. It doesn't take that long to organize the house (laundry, picking up, and cleaning), and we had a 2400 sqrft house. I've done it before and would gladly have been a 'stay at home husband'.

Ultimately she claimed she had depression… for which she sought emotional support through consumer therapy. :/

From what I've seen in the post divorce dating scene, the majority of women in western society are precisely like my ex (at least in the US).

I'm not saying AWALT, but I certainly will never get married again.

Erikjust says:

I would throw in one more caveat, in Denmark (as the rules are now) if you are on early retirement benefit, you better hope that you score either a rich man or woman.
Because as soon as you get together with a partner, you BETTER believe the government will slash your monthly payment, how much really depends on your partners income.
So if your are extremely unlucky the salary you are left with might just be enough to cover your living expenses and nothing else.

And you might think "Well i can try and take a job on the side, that will pay a little not much (after all there´s a reason why i am on early retirement benefit), but just enough to sweeten the day a bit.
And sure you can, but i do hope you are not on any housing benefits.
Why? Because guess what, as soon as you start earning those money, that slashing knife will come down hard on your housing benefits.
This means all those expenses that the housing benefit payed for is suddenly being payed out of your own pocket, meaning your actual income won´t be nearly as big as it would have been.

So as it is now in a purely economical sense it´s actually more beneficial for people on public benefits to remain single, since any amount of money saved by moving together will be eaten up by the reduced monthly salary.
(which is kinda funny since we are currently hearing every western government and their mother, screaming that there aren´t born enough children in the western world, so you would think that the government would be tripping over themselves to offer one financial gain after another for couples to move together and produce kids)

So while i do agree with the fact that the current system on family is a bit too much in the woman's favor, and do think things such as legal abortion for men (the man being given the option of saying no i do not want to be a father, and as such i renounce both my legal rights and obligations to the child, meaning i don´t have any rights to see the child, but neither do i have to pay child support), women being given the option of being surrogate mothers for single fathers (currently surrogate mothers is illegal in Denmark) and in divorce chases the father being given the custody of the children should happen more often.
I don´t agree with the facts presented in the video that you are critiquing and more with your line of thinking, mostly because in the end your arguments sound more plausible, than his does.

Atheismo says:

Като "мигтау" аз съм съгласен с по-голямата част от видеото ти.

Skylar says:

Domestic Parasitism- When fat neckbeards who always got rejected in high school continue to live in their MOTHER'S basement.

colmortimer1066 says:

Wow, this guy may actually be retarded. Studies show men and women have the same capacity for intelligence. My source for this is not some idiot feminist but clinical psychologist Jordan B. Peterson. Women go into nursing because they tend to be better, and more interested in caring for sick and injured people, as that historically was a role that women evolved into. You wanted to the men to hunt and protect the women because women, especially in ancient times, were actually more important to the survival of the society. As 1 man can easily breed with 100 women to repopulate, but 1 woman could only have 1 kid every year and a half or so, and even then risk of her death was high in child birth.

I think this guy also grossly underestimates how much work many wives will do, like sometimes the wife will mow the lawn, I see them all the time, and many will repaint and remodel. There are lazy housewives who do nothing but watch soap operas all day, but many are willing and able to do a lot of that "Men's work."

I'd say for any man find a good woman who will pull her weight either by staying home and taking care of most of the chores, or by working. Odds are it would start as a dual income situation until such time as kids start coming, at which point the woman tends to need to be home more to have the kid, heal, mentally and physically, as well as breast feed, something men just are not very good at. :p

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