Working from Home Flexible Hours Nexrep Review

Working from Home Flexible Hours Nexrep Review

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TheJazzie6 says:

I just start this weekend at nexrep found out if no calls come in you do not get paid, so I have had to see how go, I need a paid check I been looking at a lot of video on youtube girl things have changed at NexRep we use lineline i wish they did still do the USB LOL!!

TR says:

There’s a lot of headsets which one need a pair just got hired with nexrep!

Antoinette P says:

Hey Melecia! I have a phone assesment for customer service representative with Nexrep next week. In your expert opinion what do you think about this company? Is there room for growth? How long is the contract/assignment?

Antoinette P says:

Hello Melecia after watching your video about Nexrep I was inspired and I applied right away. After I filled out the online application I received an email that said,

"Congratulations! We have determined from the form you completed on our website that you meet our qualifications and we'd like for you to move on the next step: a phone assessment with a Sourcing Specialist. This phone call will allow us to get to know you and for you to learn about NexRep. We will be calling you soon to set up an assessment. Thank you for your interest in NexRep!"

It's been a few days so I'm not sure where I stand as a potential candidate.

Any thoughts?

Jude TheReluctantIntrovert says:

Can you use a Mac? I could not find requirements with out submitting an application.

Practical Perfection says:

would not recommend Nexrep at all

Kesia Dixon says:

How much are you making with NexRep?

Ashley Love says:

Which do you prefer liveops or Nextrep?

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