Working from home-Kelly Connect

Working from home-Kelly Connect

Starting my new job with Kelly Connect soon…super excited😄😄😄… Can’t wait to share my work from experience

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LolaMcAwesome says:

I just applied because they are hiring again but I didn’t get a email stating I applied 🤔

BaltimoreBama says:

I got hired back in July, the process was actually pretty smooth but I did have to wait a little bit. I believe they are looking for a certain type of person based on the application process. I’m kinda scared to do a video on them since I work there lol

TiffanywitaY says:

Hi! Can you tell me if there was a drug test? Asking for a friend. 🙂 thanks!

StrongBlaze101 says:

Are you connected by Wi-Fi or Ethernet?

Nicole Charisma says:

I interviewed yesterday for chat position. Was advised that I would have a response within 24-48 hours. They do go over everything about the job including picking a shift, days off, and salary

Tiffany Benise says:

I start on the 30th technical support adviser

ohmusicsweetmusic says:

so curious to know if it worked out??

DEEDEE & ME says:

What was the interview question

DEEDEE & ME says:

What was on the assessment test

Brandee Sims says:

Thanks for the video and info! I did my interview and about 2 hours later I got an email to do the e-registration. Does that mean I got the job?

pm2007est says:

How are you liking working there still? Do they offer health insurance?

Kay Elizabeth says:

Just applied I hope I get an interview, you said you applied earlier within the month. So how long did it take before they emailed you? And after how far long was it till you start training?

Sierra S. says:

I applied on the Kelly Services website earlier today. But have yet to receive a “thanks for applying email” stating that they received my application. Is it normal to not get an email after applying or does it take a few days?

Melissa Gail Thacker says:

Hello, do you still like it? Can you send me a link to apply? Thanks

Malaya Renae says:

I start in July and I am super excited. Do you mind giving some insight on how training went?

Skilled Joe55 says:

I just got hired today for 12/hr. How do you start making the 15-17/hr that is advertised in the job posting?

Antoinette P says:

I DISAPPOINTED but I’m not giving up. I’m going to find more home based positions to apply to. Thanx for checking in.

Antoinette P says:

Hi Kene good morning! I really enjoyed your video. It was so helpful. I just applied for KellyConnect as technical support. I uploaded my resume, did an assessment and filled out the application. After I was done it was a message on the screen that said, thank you and I should get an email soon.”

Does that mean I got the job? How long does it take to hear back? Do I have to be interviewed?

dole2186 says:

Can you do a follow up?

Angelia Jones says:

What did you use to do your video pre-screen interview? I received an email to do this next step. I'm just not sure what to use. I don't have a webcam but will purchase one or can I use Skype or Facetime. I've never done a video interview only phone. Thanks in advance for your answer.

Dee B says:

Did you have a facetime interview before completing your I paperwork?

Shawnda Marie says:

How are things going with them? I start training in FEB!!!

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